Health Insurance Companies Informative - Is the public option so bad?

Review by HomerBuyer on 2009-11-05
After reading page after page of complaints here I have to ask myself can the U.S.A. new public option they keep debating in congress be any worse than the health insurance companies you all have ripped to pieces on these pages?

I have had several of the ones mentioned at one time or another and fortunately haven't been seriously sick.

The "best" POS my wife and I had was out of Canada called Association Life - for 5 good years from 1986 to 1991. But it like the other good ones pulled up stakes in the states we resided I guess paying off too many claims to whiners.

The worst - ? I have seen many just prefer not to mention them. I still wonder about the public option but after reading your complaints - it just can't be much worse that what you all have gone through.

I'm not in insurance but any semi- intelligent person should know health insurance companies are in it to make a PROFIT.
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Posted by goduke on 2009-11-05:
Excatly who are you counting on to pay for the public option?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-05:
Profits motivate companies to be efficient, something govenment never is. In Florida they established a state run homeowner's insurance company, so that people living near the beach can build giant houses and not pay the fair market value for homeowner's insurance. Now a surcharge has been placed on ALL insurance policies in Florida, e.g. auto, to subsidize this government homeowner's company. Once in place, the government company has had the effect of running regular insurance companies, e.g. State Farm, out of the homeowner's coverage business in Florida.

The government company is political, which results in it not having adequate reserves and if a big storm hit, the taxpayers of Florida are going to be on the hook for billions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
If Obamacare were to be passed today, as it appears in the 1,990 pages which virtually no one in congress has actually read; the impact on me personally will be that I will have to pay $25,000 a year for my coverage, with $7,000 in deductibles on top. I will not have a choice of whether to join or not, and 18 months after it begins, a health care czar appointed by the president will determine whay my (own) benefits will be.

Dealing with insurance companies aint all beer and skittles, but can anyone seriously think that federal government can do it better? Remember, these are the same good folks who regulate our financial industries.
Posted by Skye on 2009-11-05:
People who want this health care reform, are going to be in for a rude awakening, if it passes.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
They will cut 500 billion from medicare to pay for it. imagine how many senior citizens will be affected and recive poor care.
Posted by Skye on 2009-11-05:
Wally, I'm all for people having health care, but those of us with private insurance, who have worked our butts off for what we have, are going to suffer also. Just what Ken wrote, should give people a clue.

I'm sick of paying for people who don't work, get medicaid, welfare, etc on my dime. I don't mind helping out people who need a hand up, not a hand out.

And they should also make those who get public assistance take drug tests, like my husband and I have to. Why do we need to be tested in order to work, while those collecting checks, do not??

I'm getting too worked up.
Posted by S on 2009-11-05:
Healthcare can be affordable... but not if left to "for profit" insurance companies. That is the problem with today's system.

I can't afford full-coverage insurance. I rarely go to the doctor because it is pretty much out of pocket for me ($5000 deductible). When I do go, I pay cash and you would be surprised at how many doctors give me a 40-50% discount simply because they don't have to deal with the insurance companies.

Health care can be made more affordable... and I believe a public option is a good start. But not the best solution. We need to mimic the success of the medical programs in every other industrialized nation in this world.

My wife and I have talked about moving to Canada or Europe if things don't get better. Healthcare is an extremely important quality of life, and leaving it to "for profit" insurance companies to decide is just not working. We are proof of that. A hard working family that cannot afford a premium that is more than our mortgage payment and still have a $1000 deductible. Ridiculous.

Most folks are happy with the way the public police and fire departments are run. Most folks are happy with our public education systems (for the most part). Healthcare should be no different.

Sorry for the rant. ;-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
Actually it was the elimination of many of the government's financial industry regulations that caused the meltdown.

Too much political BS and spin when it comes to the health care debate. One side says one thing while the other sides says something else. I'm pretty ignorant on the subject but I think the alarmists are just as off base as the Obama-nuts.

It's sad our media has degenerated to nothing more than talking heads regurgitating political talking points from both sides. We don't have reporters anymore. We have repeaters. I'm gonna take the time to get truly informed on this subject and by that I mean read the actual legislation if I can find it. I don't desire my thoughts to be somebody elses.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-11-05:
Homerbuyer, of course the insurance companies are in it for a profit. I, sir, don't know of any company that can continue to operate without a profit. Health Insurance offered by the Government vs a Private Company = premiums being paid by all taxpayers or by those having private insurance paying their own premiums. Take your pick.
Posted by jgreenway on 2010-02-02:
I recently had a change to my medical coverage at work. They changed from a PPO to Blue Direct POS. My doctor of 30 years is not on the list and if I go to him, I have to pay a $4000 deductile before the plan will pay out at 60/40. The cost for this great insurance is as cheap as its coverage. I pay $200 a month for it and will have to start from square one with a new doctor, which I refuse to do. My conpany was very generous by offering the PPO I did have but it would cost $660 a month. I know you get what you pay for but companies are following the Obama plan already by choosing for us. The health care in this country sucks as do the big insurance companies. They overcharge for nothing and offer us little or no choice. Welcome to America in 2010.

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