Interstate Van Lines Complaint - Interstate Van Lines will not reimburse you for damages-Military beware

Review by Josh T on 2009-11-06
Interstate Van Lines/Interstate moving company moved my personal goods from Savannah( Hunter Army Airfield), GA to Watertown(Fort Drum) NY.
In the process, they damaged over 5000 of my furniture, appliances, and electronics.
The electronics were thrown into boxes together with NO packing materials inside. This of course is no way to pack personal belongings. As a result of their poor packing, their mishandling, and their neglegence, we ended up with a damaged washer and dryer(dented, scratched and gouged), a dinged, sratched and gouged Dining room table and chairs. A hole in the sofa, a broken ottoman, a hole in the back of our dresser the size of a fist. A very expensive surround sound receiver was smashed so bad it dented the metal casing and cracked the front housings. Our bed was banged up(its wood and was chipped, gouged and scratched, ruining the finish in several spots).
We had several other items damaged, but you get the drift.
We went online and filled out the appropriate forms claiming the damage items. It amounted to about 5000.00 give or take.
Thier response to this was they sent out some small time furniture repairman out here to inspect all of the damage. It seems like a conflict of interest to me to have the same guy whos likely to do said repairs be the one inspecting the items that are damaged. I feel he would have more likely to report the items are repairable when they truly arent.
After 6 weeks and no word on a settlement, we called them and they told us that they had just received the inspection report. I of course did not believe it took 6 weeks for someone to send a report in.
After 2 weeks, we finally got a check in the mail.....for 1600 dollars. Along with this we got a letter saying that only the amounts for repair were a lotted and only a few of the items were paid full replacement cost. They told us in the letter that the amounts paid were to pay for devaluation and appearance. Translation: It looks like crap now, and heres a few bucks to tolerate it looking like crap. Sorry bout the mess, but hey, thats the brakes.

I called them, learned that all responses and disputes had to be in writing. I emailed thema long winded letter telling them that it was totally unacceptable to expect the items to be repaired to like new condition. Even the repairman who came out said he coud fix this stuff to like new condition. He wanted to run a stitch where the hole was in the upholstery was in my sofa. The company expected me to be ok with accepting one eye sore for another. REDICULOUS.

I spoke with the supervisor. He told me that since I was military that he was only reqired to pay the minimal amount based on regulation...and he wasn't gonna do anything else about it. He didn't have to pay me any more than that, it was the max he had to, so that was it.
I did convince him to review some pictures of my surround sound receiver. They had asked me to take it somewhere bc they "inherently fail through no fault of the carrier on a regular basis". I told him "yes, they do...when dropped and smashed." He may pay out more for the receiver, they may not. But Absolutely the worst experience moving I have ever had. Rude, and they will cut you off without letting you speak, talk over you, etc.

I would NEVER recommend their services to ANYONE...ever. And I certainly will never use them myself again.

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