Internetbiz Complaint - Money taken out of account without authorization

Review by eaglesfan203 on 2009-11-08
Paid 1.95 for making money at home...never received anything for the 1.95...was not aware or told that it was a 7 day trial...gave me nothing for the money...thought it was the end of it and then was charged 79.90 that was taken out of my checking account after they had the account number...called company said money wasn't refunded and bank is not willing to make a dispute against the company for unauthorized transaction....to this day I have received nothing for the 1.95 nor do I want anything for the 79.90 that I was charged for and did not know about...

All I want is my money back into my account that was taken out fraudulently.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-11-08:
You have left out a lot of essential information. But it does appear that you failed to pay attention to the terms and conditions of what you signed up for. The first clue to getting taken should have been "$500 a day".

EDUCATION is what you get when you read the fine print.
EXPERIENCE is what you get when you don't.
Posted by new57 on 2009-11-08:
With all due respect...Why are you giving out your checking account information to strangers?
Do you know the difference between a debit card and credit card?
Do you know that credit cards offer more consumer protection rights than debit cards?
I hope that you learned that companies can and will debit your account when they feel like it.
Heck, We fell for the $5.95 acai tablet scam, didnt see the the 7 day trial fine print; however those 89.99 follow up charges were easily removed with a credit card dispute.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-08:
If you want to find a legit work at home job, cehck this site out. It has been featured on CNN a few times:

Posted by madconsumer on 2009-11-08:
this review is not about the posters needing education, it is about the sneeky and underhanded way this internet scam company operates.

make sure to go and cancel your account with them, if not they will take more.

very helpful.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-08:
and most of those work-at-home sites you find online, especially when they claim you're going to become rich on 500 a day

those are usually just scams
Posted by D. on 2009-11-08:
If a company is on the level, they will PAY YOU for you to work for them. If they charge you anything, the scam flag should raise. Even the 'work at home' jobs listed on Careerbuilders.com have a warning that the position may required a fee and it may be a scam and they warn the people to check out these work at home business' before agreeing to anything.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-08:
If you gave them your account information then you authorized them to take the money. Like earlier comments state, you did not read the terms and conditions.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-08:
o boy.
always read the terms if you're giving away your financial information

at this point you might want to contact your bank
maybe have the account number changed or something

can't hurt to ask at least
Posted by Skye on 2009-11-08:
OP, those red flags should of gone up. What site is going to allow you to make $500.00, at the cost of startup for $1.95, not the mention the other money they took out.

If I were you, now that they have access to your checking account, you better close that account now.

Posted by Arlene on 2009-11-08:
ALWAYS read the fine print.....its taken awhile but I even got hubby to start doing that!!

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