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Review by Willie on 2004-08-04
LIHUE, HAWAII -- Mr. Daniel Sieger: ~ To Whom it may concern:

I may certainly be writing to the wrong person but I am trying to do research on a very important problem with my 2002 Toyota Rav4. I have been searching for the correct Toyota website to help me solve a very serious problem with routine warranty work that has turned into a complete nightmare and I strongly feel Toyota has seriously comprimised the integrity of my investment. I am looking for assistance in resolving this matter in a professional, timely matter, or I have no choice but to go a more professional and costly route by being represented by an attorney to resolve Toyota's outright neglect of my investment ( 2002 Toyota Rav4).

Toyota sends me a standard letter to have a 2 year rust warranty check done at my dealership. I take car in. Told to take car to Toyota authorized dealer. Opinion: The tiny spots that appear to show rust is very minute to me. Authorized body dealer looks vechicle over. Body person says he will fax estimate over for approval. Body shop calls several days later and says to bring car in for repairs on April 6, 2004. Can can be picked up April 8, 2004. I have my neighbor Mr. Lewis Weaver take me by the shop to see how repairs are doing. I locate my car across street from body shop, outside, with windows out. Loose plastic placed only over window area, not the entire automobile. I drive off just thinking, "WOW...... What a shock to see windows out. I hope I don't have any leaks when the windows are reinstalled. Days pass. On April 12, 2004 I go back to Body shop and see what's going on. I see my car in paint bay. I go into office and the person I see asks my name. Tell him I'm the Rav4 guy. He seems very very unconfortable and clams up. I have to pull teeth to get him to speak. I ask if I can walk around car. He nods yes but seems reluctant. I do a slow walk around with deep hurt looking at my investment that is now a major torn apart car. By chance, I decide to open the passengers side door. I lean over passenger seat to look around and my hand is soaking wet!!! I jump back. I touch again. I can not believe what I'm feeling. I look down on floor mat and see standing water on my floor mat. I am absoultely crushed! I hold my cool. I am very hurt. I walk back to the man and ask him to come look at my car. Again, this man is very quiet and does not want to talk or say anything. He walks over to my car with me. I make him look in. He says, " We buff em out." Not an answer I want to hear about my investment. My car has been left out in the RAIN.

Let me use Toyota words from Servco:
We are determined to create satisfied customers.
Fixing it right the first time, all the time is more than just a concept, it's the Kauai Toyota way of doing business.

Workmanship under normal use......... RAIN?
Our Heritage: Satisfy Customers
Customer satisfaction has been Servco's focus from the start.

We build lifelong relationships through our caring spirit, genuine hospitality and superior service.

We inspire mutual trust by being honest, ethical and fair in our thoughts and actions.
(My first explaination from Toyota was a lie. My trust of future explainations and promises I will certainly be leary.)

We thrive in the exchange of information and are open, empathetic and responsive to all.

We take responsibility for and have pride in our performance.

Our Values: Team Servco
"Team Servco" is more than just a slogan. It's the basis of our whole philosophy.
to that end, our employees have developed a set of Servco shared vales that are summed up by the acronym "Team Servco." It stands for Teamwork, Enjoyment, Acheivement, Motivation, Service, Excellence, Respect, Vision, Communication, and Ownership.
Just ask anyoe who works at Servco - and chances are you know a couple of people who do. They'll tell you that within the Servco family of companies, WE REALLY "WALK THE TALK.

I have asked to talk to a person that has the authority to RESOLVE the matter and as of yet I get lesser person that wants to seem to take back what is said and I hear the words of "I'll, we'll get back with you, let me take this back and see what Mr. So and So will say. I have in good faith tried to get answers from my calls. I received a lie on the first call. (FACT). Now I will not converse solutions on the telephone. I want direct meetings with a person of authority on neutral ground. I'm not dealing with the body shop, I'm imtimadated to go to the dealship. I will meet over coffee somewhere neutral one time, and then any and all meetings will be done through my attorney. I would like to avoid this extreme situation but it may be what's needed to resolve recovering the integrity of my investment in a 2004 Rav4 and Toyota. I negeoiated what I thought was a good deal. I paid a substantial amount of cash down on the vechile. I feel Toyota has severly comprimised my investment. I am now looking for the executive that is not "shielded" by a large entrage and come out and do his or her job in resloving an outright neglect in the care of my automobile that I trusted in their keeping.


Willie Stark
329 Aina Mahi Place
Kapaa, Hi. 96746
808/823/0074 Home

PS....... I feel Servco Pacific, Kauai Toyota, Kauai Collision are ripping off Toyota Corporation with the extent of "Warranty Work" they think they can get by on. Fraud in my opinion.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-05:
Got Pictures? Pictures/Videos can help your case a lot!

Also, A car is not an "investment". Cars lose value the second you drive them off the lot. The value of your car always goes down. A personal "investment" it is.
Posted by Servco Pacific on 2004-10-05:
Kauai Toyota immediately responded to this complaint as part of our commitment to service, respect for our customers, and open communication. We ensured that the RAV4 owned by Mr. Stark is in perfect working order and is immaculate, with all of the rust work completed. Mr. Stark has chosen to leave his vehicle at our site, and we continue to maintain it for him for his pick up at any time. We continue to communicate to Mr. Stark in an effort to meet his needs, and in an effort to clarify our service actions compared with his perceptions. Our values at Kauai Toyota and Servco Pacific are centered upon customer satisfaction, and we are committed to each customer, including Mr. Stark

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