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Review by Indio Lar on 2009-11-09
FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS -- Mystery Evaluation Inc. are enticing individuals by sending Money Orders to them and claiming to pay you from these monies. After you cash the money order and send them the balance they are with-drawing the money from the money orders ( or forging Money Orders)so that your account is left holding the monies as a negative.
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Posted by David on 2009-11-09:
this has been a pretty well publicized scam but many people are falling for it. The check they send you is normally phony and you end paying the $ yourself from your bank funds. Anything involving a money order should be highly suspect, as there is no way to trace MO transactions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-09:
Any company that's asking you to send money back to them after sending you something via check or money order is always a scam. And, by the time it's figured out, it's too late. They have money off the bad check and the person on the other end is screwed.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-09:
If you can't send the money, could you send the money order back. I only have a few thousand more money orders left before I have to print up a new batch for the next mailing cycle. (just kidding).

A city slicker counterfeiter printed up some money, but by mistake made them $18.00 bills. So he decided to go into the country where people would be so stupid he could pass off the $18 bills. He goes into a general store and asks for change for an $18.00 bill. The Clerk says "do you want two $9.00s or three $6.00s.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-09:
"The Clerk says "do you want two $9.00s or three $6.00s."

I weep for the future.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-09:
Nice one, JR. I laughed.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-11-09:
Any time you have to put monies up front is usually a scam.
Posted by blindsquirrell on 2009-11-10:
Rhe same group tried with me. I got an email from RITA PETERSON and was sent a counterfit bank check. My bank put a hold on it and asked me to report them to the FBI.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-10:
why would anyone try to cash a check from a stranger

and ... maybe it's jsut me but i would think a bank should have a lot of experience in dealing with fraud. the bank should know how to contact the agencies themselves

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