Gaurdian Warranty Corporation Complaint - All warranty services are a scam

Review by copracr on 2009-11-09
AVOCA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I take my car to the shop and have them inspect it. @ windows don't want to roll down and both rear springs are broken several times each. Warranty company was notified and they want to send an inspector out. I call them and say ok, but I need my car in the mean time. I'm willing to go ANYWHERE ANYTIME. The guy on the phone says it doesn't work that way, I have to leave it at the shop for a few days till the inspector can come out. I ask "OK which day? I'll be there." He tells me hes not sure and is getting very rude to me, saying lines from my contract like "we reserve the right to inspect it". OK, cool, but I'm not leaving my car at the shop all week so your guy can look at it for 10 seconds and say yea its in more than 1 piece. the guy was rude and sounded pissed off from the get go. It's a big bill, they don't want to honor themselves by living up to their obligation, period.
I'm avoiding all corporations whenever possible from here on out. I'm sick of cell phone contracts, cable rates that go up after "introductory" periods, gasoline tycoons retiring with $300,000,000,000 retirement packages while I pay out the nose, wall street bailouts that help keep millionares rich, and no one doin a damn thing about it. I'm through buying without a hand shake and someone to be held accountable when things don't add up, whenever possible.
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Posted by bcd on 2009-11-09:
“gasoline tycoons retiring with $300,000,000,000 retirement packages …”

Lee Raymond of Exxon received about 400 million dollars a few years ago. Who is the gasoline tycoon that received a 300 billion dollar retirement package?

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