Mainstreet bank Complaint - NSF fees - Overdrafts

Review by bbeller on 2009-11-12
Resolution Update on 11/12/2009:
Don't need the sarsasm and uptightness of bored people who don't take the time to actually read the full message.
DELAND, FLORIDA -- Mainstreet Bank has continously staggered checks from high to low and therefore milked my account of hundreds of dollars in NSF fees. Last week I went in and canceled the overdraft protection and still had a check clear with NSF charge. We are on a VERY tight tight budget since I last my job in May. We live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes the $25 return check fee from Walmart is better than starving, we have to eat. Instead of clearing the check the bank should have returned it to Walmart and they would have resubmitted it WITHOUT charge. By that time plenty of money would have been in the bank. I have pages of statements I printed that say one thing and the very next day the amounts are staggered highest to lowest ensuring the bank get the maximum in NSF fees. The banks need to stop taking from those already struggling and destitute. I am very intelligent and do NOT need to be lectured on correct book keeping, we do not have a choice in writing checks that are not covered at that time. We do have direct deposit and therefore secure funds going into the bank. To say I am frustrated and again at my wits end is an understatement. Short of calling a TV channels investagative reporter I don't know how else to handle this. I believe Mainstreet Bank Owes us hundreds of dollars they intentionally took from my account.
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Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-12:
If the bank returns your check NSF, not only do you have an NSF fee from your bank that is equal to what it would be if they paid the check, you also get charged by the payee. Also, if you are writing checks knowing they will be returned by the bank, that's a crime.
I know times are tight, but the NSF fees are not helping your budget.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-12:
Return checks is a really bad thing. Too many returned checks, and you'll be in the system for it. Then you won't able to write a check to anyone.
You really need to sit together with your husband and budget. Or whoever is in your household since you say "we."
And keep track of your spending via check register. Write everything down. You might just have to live on ramen for a few months until you're able to save something.
I, too, live paycheck to paycheck so I know how that feels.
The banks don't discriminate on who they charge nsf fees for. If the rich don't keep track of their account, they have nsf fees too.
Just keep a check register. Things don't clear at the same time. Write everything down. If the balance in your register doesn't match up to what it says online...means something hasn't cleared yet, don't spend the money. Checks aren't going to show up until they post. So, while other things might seem they've cleared; if a check is presented, that will always go first... espcially if it's a large amount. Many banks clear largest to smallest. But, if you keep a register, it won't matter how things clear because in your book; they're already gone.
Posted by goduke on 2009-11-12:
Intentionally writing bad checks is illegal. You can go to jail for it.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-12:
that's why, when i'm short on cash, i don't buy my groceries with checks... i buy them with cash instead.

and yes i understand not having enough money. I'm pretty much limiting my groceries to about $10 - 20 a week tops. means i have to scrimp on a lot, get the cheapest stuff i can.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-12:
Multiple NSF fees are what is killing your budget. Yes-you have to eat-but think of all the food you could buy with those fees. If you are truly in need-eat a few meals at a local soup kitchen. Maybe a church supper. But quit writing checks you know are bad-that is not helping your situation any.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-12:
good point. Plus if you make under a specific amount you can qualify for food stamps.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-11-12:
I'd comment here but apparently she is too intelligent to understand that bookkeeping or keeping a register will help. Maybe once she either goes to jail or finds out that her checks are rejected everywhere that intelligence isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-12:
Haha @ Crazyrh. My thoughts as well. I'd like to be the investigative reporter that gets that call.
I truly feel bad that anyone is in a bad situation-but geez don't make it worse.
Posted by jimworcs on 2009-11-12:
I agree that you need to try and get out of this vicious circle you are in, and STOP writing checks you know will be returned, there is a wider point in this complaint. The banks created a financial crisis which has thrown millions of people around the world out of work. They are then seeking to exploit these people by deliberately making their situation worse. If 4 checks come in, could be the difference between $30 of fees and $120 of fees. It is immoral and is has just been outlawed in the UK and is already illegal in most European countries. The banks need to be regulated, as what they are doing is abusive. Attacking the OP doesn't address the fundamental problem.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-12:
You're right jim. Attacking the OP's intelligence isn't helping anything. A lot of people are in dire straits. A little compassion and advice on how to address the problem are what's needed-nothing more.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-12:
but writing bad checks - more importantly checks you know will be bad - won't get you out of dire straights.

in fact if you knowingly write bad checks it is something you can be arrested for.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-12:
Pepper, that's right. And that's good advice that the OP needs to know and get straight-they are committing a crime if they are intentionally writing bad checks.
Calling the OP stupid too stupid to handle a checking account misses the point entirely (and I don't mean you).
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-12:
Its not the poster's intelligence, but their morality that is questionable. If I take $50.00 out of the cash register at my employer's store thinking I will return it tomorrow when I have more money, that is still theft. Millions of people have struggled with finances without resorting to morally corrupt acts. Stop writing checks without money.

Intelligence comes up because somehow the op has paid hundreds of dollors in NSF funds. That means there is some extra money in their budget over necessities. If they truly had no money, they would not be able to pay the nsf. The stupidity is in not saving that extra money so they have a cushion to buy food without being nsf.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-12:
I don't think anyone on here called the OP stupid. Sure-a little sarcasm was used in a post or 2.

The OP called attention to her intelligence in her post.

However-what the OP is doing is not intelligent to the majority-at least to the majority of us that commented.

Somtimes SMART people do STUPID things.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-12:
"I'd comment here but apparently she is too intelligent to understand that bookkeeping or keeping a register will help. Maybe once she either goes to jail or finds out that her checks are rejected everywhere that intelligence isn't all that it's cracked up to be."
I don't know-sounds like a direct insult to me. Whatever...I'm just saying let's stick to the facts.
Posted by D on 2009-11-12:
Desperation drives ordinarily honest, intelligent people to do stupid, marginal things...
Believe me when I say "I've been there" and it isn't fun!
Until something is done to correct the situation about the highway robbery by the banks, the best thing you can do is go on a "cash only" basis..
No other method will suffice!
Posted by D on 2009-11-12:
Until I sobered up in 1975, I was constantly playing the "write a check, race to the bank to cover it" game...
Most of the time, the bank won the race...
I sincerely wish you lots of luck and may better times come...
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-12:
although the sick side of me does want to point out that if someone is arrested he or she doesn't have to worry about where the food's going to come from.

It'll at least be better than what they serve the military.

And no... I'm not joking. On my first ship, it was a regular occurrence to see food (especially meat) coming in that had been stamped rejected by a prison as "Unfit for prisoners". They didn't even bother covering the stamp up... they just sold it to the military... O_o
Posted by bbeller on 2009-11-12:
Boy, this was a waste of time. Thanks for the FEW understanding people, that actually read my ENTIRE message. Anyway, I am NOT out there writing "a bunch of worthless checks" and will therefore NOT be "eligible" for prison. I was more or less venting and did not need the worthless sarcasm. Some of you have way too much time on your hands to post several comments to my msg. Again, thank you to those that trully understood and have been there. God bless
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-11-12:
bb, don't get it do ya? It's in your terms and conditions. It's all about the $$$$$
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-11-14:
I was only responding to her comment of being to intelligent for a lecture on correct bookkeeping, which apparently she does need.
Posted by Johanna on 2009-11-14:
I'm sorry you're having such a terrible financial time. Unfortunately, the banks are going to do whatever they can to ensure they can suck the maximum amount of money out of you in the form of fees. Immoral and unkind? Totally. Illegal? Not so much.

I understand that money is tight. That's why budgets and priorities have to be made and stuck to like glue. If money is so tight that you have to risk the NSF fee to get groceries at walmart, maybe you should consider using a food pantry. There are also lots of charities around that can help you.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-11-15:
You could also take a look at what you don't need. If money is this tight, you don't need cable/satellite and or other luxuries items.

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