GMP Motors Complaint - GMP Motors lied to me and did not follow up with their agreement

Review by AmberD on 2009-11-12
ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a 2003 VW Beetle convertible from Gary on June 21, 2009.
When I test drove the car it shook on the highway and I told Gary this was a concern for me, He advised he would fix the shake if I bought the car.
On June 22nd the back electric window broke leaving it open and unable to shut /close securely. I called Gary who assured me that it worked fine the previous day and he would have his mechanic fix it. Gary stated on the phone with me that I would owe him a glass of wine once he fixed my window. His statement made me feel uncomfortable.

Because of an extensive work schedule during July and August, and being over 60 miles away I did not bring the car back until I had another problem. On Sept. 2nd one tire blew out on the highway with my 9 year old daughter and myself in the vehicle. I took the car to a tire shop and found the front tires which were destroyed from constant rubbing and needed replacement for $192.36 with additional $55.00 alignment cost. I contacted Gary and asked if he would pay for the tires and alignment as this was a result of the shaking when we test drove the car. Gary said he would not pay for the tire replacement but would pay the $55.00 alignment fee. Gary told me I needed to bring the car to his shop in Escondido to repair my broken window. I schedule an appointment for Sept. 5th. On Sat. Sept. 5th my boyfriend and I drove to Gary’s shop. In person I asked Gary to reimburse me for the tire’s. Gary became very aggressive and volatile with me as he raised his voice until I was in tears. He told me to take my car to his mechanic shop up the street and his mechanic, Andy will fix my window. He paid me the $55.00 and told me to leave. I took my car to Andy who looked for 2 minutes and told me he needed to order a part and to come back next week. I called the following Monday and Andy advised he needed to see my car again to determine if he needs to order a replacement part or a repair part as Gary told him he will only pay for the repair part. He advised the repair will take an entire day.

I then had my boyfriend take the car to his shop for the 2nd time and Andy advised he cannot repair the window as he does not have the right tool and I will need to take my car to a VW dealership. I called Gary very frustrated and Gary expressed his frustration towards his own mechanic. He then told me to take the car to a VW dealership and send him the invoice and he will reimburse me. I did not feel comfortable and asked my boyfriend to have him put it in writing. At this point Gary signed a note that he would pay the window repair up to $200.00, and that if the cost was more I needed to bring the car back again to another mechanic. When I got the message about the $200 repair, I called the VW dealership and was given an estimated cost to repair the window was $402.12. I then emailed Gary about the cost and he sent me a very rude email in response to not contact him ever again.

I trusted what Gary told me when I bought the car and when he advised he would pay for the reimbursement of the window repair. I have since sent him the invoice and multiple emails and phone calls with no response. I have emailed several times and requested he send me the reimbursement, which has not come.
I feel Gary made comments that were non-professional to me when I was alone with him. He has been non-responsive to my requests and not followed up with the agreement he made with me. I would like to be reimbursed for the window repair and the tire replacement for a total of $594.48.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-12:
He has already advised you by phone that he was not reimbursing you for the tires, so why did you ask him again when you saw him in person? Remember that verbal agreements mean nothing, if you accepted a signed note that states he was paying up to $200, then you accepted that offer.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-12:
This should be a compliment. Used cars are usually sold with an "as is" warranty, or a warranty in which the dealer pays 50% of the costs of repairs for 30 days etc.

You buy the car June 21, 2009. It has a shake, which they agree to repair. YOU WAIT two months to take it back. So you drive around with the shake for 2 months until the tire blows out, and then expect him to pay for it. He pays to fix the shake, but not for the tires you destroyed driving on them for two months.

Then you come back with your 6 year old car and expect him to pay dealer prices to fix the window. He agreed to pay 50%, which he apparently did not have to do so, since he did not say he would fix it if you bought it. This arose after the purchase. I could see where he reasonably would feel put upon and resentful of your behavior.

Posted by goduke on 2009-11-12:
You knew the car had a problem with shaking. You chose not to do anything about it until which time it had damaged the tires. Had you fixed it when they told you to bring it in, the tires would not have been rubbing wrong for the next 2 months. Why should they pay you for the consequences of your choice?
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-12:
I just feel bad that you made your boyfriend drive a VW Bug Convertible. Poor guy.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-11-12:
Sounds like Gary Unmarried is a real smoothy. Yeah, I think his comment was out of place too. No wonder his demeanor changed when you showed up with the BF.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-12:
LOL red.

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