Holler Mitsubishi Winter Park Complaint - ID Theft originated out of Holler Mitsubishi

Review by Grizler on 2004-08-07
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Holler Mitsubishi had employees that used peoples' trusted information (to include myself) to sell vehicles and act as unwitting co-signers! I didnt find out until a collection agency was harrassing me and telling me to pay up on the delinquint account that I had no knowledge of! (Holler Mitsubishi had this knowledge but didnt even notify me or the credit reporting agencies!)

Everything is based on credit. It is impossible not to buy anything based on credit in today's society. And if you have not so good credit, you can be turned down for everything you apply for. You could also end up paying a higher interest rate if your credit is not so favorable!

When my credit was ruined by Holler, it took them almost 2 years to get that fraudulently sold vehicle of my credit. ... they didnt fix my credit until my lawyer got involved which I think is ludicrous! It only shows that they are trying to cover their tracks!

This dealership was never concerned about my situation or my welfare when my credit was ruined because of their employees. (Holler had an internal Identity Theft ring)

This dealership didnt have any safegaurds to prevent this type of fraud. Neither did they do a responsible audit!

They fired most of people involved with the ID Theft but those they fired were employed by other dealerships and did the same thing..fraudulently selling vehicles!!! Some of these sales sold SSN numbers and personal information to others!

Why werent other dealerships notified about these corrupt salesman after Holler fired them? Why were these salesman free to keep comitting crimes against people and other businesses?

Why is Holler Mitsubishi trying to cover up things and make themselves look like they are the "victim"? They had escalating sales when and an all time record of sales when this was happening! Why wasnt an audit being performed?

The truth of the matter was that vehicles were being sold and salesmen were getting comission....a blind eye was turned!! And it looks like management was involved in this! The salesmen couldnt sell a car by themselves! A financial closer has to be involved to "close" the deal or sell of that vehicle.

The reason why I had to get the media and a lawyer invoved was because no one at that dealership would help me get my credit fixed. I would either get a phone hung up on me or they would lie to me telling me that they would send me a contract that had my signature forged but didnt send me that copy!

This dealership never showed any remorse for what they did. They didnt take any action to help me until I got a lawyer!!!

They were trying to make me sign a statement that someone stole my identity but I didnt sign it for the fact that if I signed that paperwork it would take the responsibility off of Holler. It was Holler's own employees that used my identity and sold a vehicle to someone I didnt even know! My information wasnt stolen..it was used by the employees to sell cars! I wasnt the only victim of the dealership!

Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-08-09
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-08-08:
They are not the first Mitsubishi dealership to do that. The Mitsubishi dealership where I bought my Galant was shut down by the FBI for the same thing, and I live in CT. They also charged us the extended warranty we declined and overpriced the car $7,000. And added an $8000 balloon payment. We won all that money back in a class action suit, but from what I hear Mitsubishi's future( at least stateside) is rocky at best.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-09:
A better question, Why hasn't any law enforcement agency been involved???

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