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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Please read the news articles regarding this ID Theft Scam and my personal account with this dealership. Various people who have kept up with this ID Theft Ring in Orlando posted on ripoffreport.com and added more information regarding this fiasco:

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Posted by motivated1979 on 2005-02-04:
I have been watching Ed Magedson from Ripoffreport come onto these sites and attack people who have legitimate claims against his site. Whenever one of these people, who are simply defending their name, writes up their story of being libeled by Ed Magedson, he and his staff immediately work to have any negative remarks about Ripoffreport removed. I find it hypocritical that Ed even as Ed is having negative postings about himself removed, he refuses to remove any negative postings from HIS site, even when they are obviously lies, because he states that "they are anonymous postings and he has no liability" according to some 1996 Act. A Wisconsin court ruled that they had no place in a lawsuit against Ed, not because of some 1996 Act, but because they felt they had no jurisdiction because Ed was in St. Kitts. Well, he was never doing business in St. Kitts, but simply used the offshore address to try to defer any legitimate lawsuits that he knows he would lose otherwise. Luckily for me, and EVERYONE that has been maliciously and falsely attacked on Ripoffreports, Ed is indeed based in the US and any lawsuits against him ARE under the jurisdiction of US courts, as long as you have the rigjht information. Ed Magedson is not in St. Kitts, he is in Arizona. If YOU have been maliciously and falsely attacked by Ed Magedson, then this is the name and address that you need:
Ed Magedson
Xcentric Ventures, LLC
P.O. Box 470
Tempe, AZ 85280
(602)518-4357 cell

As you can see, in an attempt to slither under the radar and be "above the law", he lists only a P.O. Box and cell phone number as his business contact information. (What legitimate businessperson uses a P.O. Box and personal cell phone as business contacts? I can only think of drug dealers, hit men, thieves, and any other slimy, crooked individuals that luckily I've only seen in movies.)
Several lawsuit papers have SUCCESSFULLY been served to Ed Magedson. Here is one of them:
CASE NO: 04-17721-21
go look it up!

There are also formal complaints filed against Ed Magedson at the Office of the Attorney General of Arizona because of the CRIMINAL nature of his site:
CIC 04-21090
call them about it! voice YOUR complaint! (602)542-5763

Also, the companies that provide the services for Ed Magedson, and enable him to ILLEGALLY attack YOU, try to hide behind the fact that Ed is "only a costumer." ANY court WILL find them responsible because THEY are the ones providing the service. It is no different than a getaway driver for bank robbers. The driver is just as guilty, even if he doesn't know about the robbery. Here is those companies info:
3443 N. Central Ave.
Suite 706
Phoenix, AZ 85012


These companies admit nothing except that "Ed is a customer." But, these companies DO know about Ed's illegal activity, he simply pays them to let him be. When you do press for more information about their relationship with ED, and get through the circles of BS, these companies' lawyers will tell you some BS about some 1996 Act, but that is simply to discourage you. TALK TO A LAWYER! This Act does NOT protect them. (Look at the service agreements for these companies. They DO know that they are liable, and they have provisions to allow them to stop any service if they feel it makes them liable for lawsuits and/or criminal acts. They WILL shut Ed down, if we push forth against them. Unless they are in bed with Ed and his criminal empire.) They cannot win a countersuit against you, it is obvious to ANYONE who reads his site that he libels HUNDREDS of different people and companies. All you are going for is the truth, and that is what courts are for.
Also, contact your local BBB, they are well aware of Ed's activites, and welcome any new information about his illegal attacks against innocent people.
Ed Magedson believes that he is all knowing, and that he alone should have the power to be the judge, jury, and executioner. Watch this posting. Ed will probably have it removed, even though he would refuse to do the same on his site. But this posting is all true, and his site is full of lies. And remember, Ed is illegally using YOUR company name to advertise his site. He includes you company name in his metatags for search engine submissions so that his site full of lies will come up under a search of your business name. THIS IS ILLEGAL. He CANNOT use your licensed company name to advertise his site, unless he has your expressed written permission
Posted by mkernppl on 2005-03-26:
If you need a complete solution that will not only continuously monitor ALL of your credit lines, not just one credit card or checking account at a time, look at Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. They partnered with Kroll to offer and Identity theft solution plan.

Similar to car or health insurance but doesn't increase in cost the more you use it.


Click on the family plan link and the Identity theft link. Let me know if you have any questions.

Posted by ripoff1989 on 2006-10-06:
Re you are your company being attacked(EXTORTED) by Ed Magedson and Ripoff report? If so, here is a way to handle this situation. This got my URL or ripoff report removed. Ed and his service providers will say there is no liability for service providers, but then why did they remove mine with just a few phone calls and a couple letters from my attorney.
Fisrt thing you need to do is to find out who is service providers are. Do a whois search for domain listings. You will be able to see who provides one of his services.
Puregig has his Ip address, but you can check out who provides bandwidth. There are several different options. I did a who is search and ed was with a company called sterling networks. I called ,e-mailed, and had my Lawyer send them letters leting them know that they are on notice. That they now knew that ed site carries liability for them. At first they they even denied ed as a customer and then tried to act like they have no liability,but atfer about three weeks and us getting ready to do dicovery they are ed removed my ripoff report. Also, just weeks later ed had to switch providers(lol)REmember service providers have acceptable use policy or terms of service that very clearly spells out what they will tolerate. Why do they have this if they have no liability. The service providers can enforce their own policies HMMMM!!.He was no longer with sterling networks
All you got to do is just let the service providers that you are putting them on notice. Also these companies got money so if you or your company has been hurt you can go after them because ed hides. I GOT MY RIPOFF REPORT REMOVED. A GOOD lawyer can find liability here, but you got to put them on notice first.

Also, here are some other things you can do:
1.Contact Arizona attorney general office
File #CIC 04-210090 Magedson, ed

You can serve ed at
Jaburg $ wilk
3200 n central ave
phoenix Az 85012

Contact info for google get your report removed)
Google Inc.
Mountian view California
94043 USA

Directnic is the regitrar for ed's sites

Domain servers(I did a whois search)

NS1.Directnic.com 206.251.1772

contact your local BBB http://www.dc.bbb.org/report.h tml?national=Y&compid=1038 533 :

Contact F.B.I:http://www.ifccfbi.gov/i ndex.asp

the Federal trade commision:
File # FOIA-2005
margeret woodson
https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wso lcq$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01
Rememember this Extortion. No service provider will fight this for long.

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