RK Scion Complaint - The worst dealership in Hampton Roads

Review by Ag Formula on 2004-08-10
HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- My wife bought a new Scion tC. We stated early on that we did not want NOTHING BUT THE CAR. No service contracts, NOTHING. Scion has a "Pure Pricing" concept when it comes to buying a car. One price, no haggle. GREAT!!! So I let her go in to sign the contract and she is presented with a couple of different forms, one she is told if for her 3 free oil changes, but it's printed out 3 lines too low and it's for a $399 service contract. Next she is told sign this form and take it to your insurance company have them fill it out and we'll etch all your glass and if your car is stolen TOYOTA will cover up to $5000 dollars of anything that was in the car and not recovered. She asked about being recent college grad from our local Community College and was told NO it had to be a 4 year degree, this came from Jay the F&I Manager. This was on a Friday 2 July so the next week I called Scion and Toyota about the College Degree program cause the way it looked online it did apply and I wanted the $400 credit for my wife. They tell me it is good for a 2 year degree and should have been given to my wife. Scion contacts RK and in the mean time I look at the contract and low and behold I find the other charges for 598 that were added. I ask my wife why she agreed to these, she said that she told the guy more than once she did NOT want ANYTHING ELSE BUT THE CAR. So when I am talking with Scion and RK I bring this up and first thing the dealership says is "she singed the contract" Yes but it was presented to her in a fraudulent manner. I ask how many times should a customer have to say NO before they stop. They proceed to tell me that they will go after a customer 7 or 8 times to get them to agree to this if they think it will work. But I say fine, they will remove both and credit her the $400 for the college program. But the General Manager is out of the office for the next couple of days and they have to talk to him about how to fix it. So I call Scion again and they make the right calls and I get a call the following day I believe saying come on over the new contract is ready for signature. So we go over there and we are taken into the F&I managers office with the door wide open. We review the contract, they try to over charge us for the DMV fees, we transfered the tags vice getting new ones but were charged the new tags. Had to redo the contract AGAIN. But we look it over line by line this time and then sign it. Was told he would make sure the old was taken care of and the new one sent in. As we are walking out he reminds us of giving them a good survey. How just one bad survey could knock down their allotment of new cars down 2 or 3 cars a month.

A couple of days later I get call from him again asking if there is anything else, I say no, just like to get the DMV done so we can get new tags. Then he proceeded to tell me he recorded everything while we were in his office the other day. That it was posted on the door (which was wide open and I would have had to turn around to see as I walked in) Nice way of doing things don't you think?

Now it's time for the first payment and it's for the original amount, the revised contract was NEVER submitted and Toyota Financial won't help us cause it's a dealership problem, they have to send in the new contract. But Toyota financial said they get an overnight package everyday so there was NO reason they should not have gotten the new contract.

So we have had the car over a month and the new contract is somewhere lost or misplaced and the dealership just does not care, guess not considering they think they are getting $1200 more from us. I have calls into Scion to help resolve this manner, I don't want to hear from anyone at that Scion dealership, they are dishonest or incompetent and either way it has been the worst new car buying experience yet and I have bought 10 new cars/trucks and numerous used cars.

We paid a $420 processing fee, I have asked for this back, my Wife was lied to, the paperwork was done incorrectly, not in a timely fashion and now is lost I guess. Still waiting to hear if they are going to fix this or I will have to contact my Attorney, Ms Simmons and take this matter to court. I know the Judges around here hate to hear about customers being ripped off by a company. I feel having to deal with everything that the dealership did wrong the $420 back is not too much expect.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-10:
Poor English, Instead of "We did Not Want Nothing, but the car", you should say: We weren't interested in anything else but the car. Or you could have said, We made it clear to the salesman, that we were only interested in purchasing just the car by itself, no extended warranties, no add-ons or anything else.
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-08-11:
Just out of curiosity, do you have your copy of the new contract? That might help if you forward it on to Toyota. They probably can't adjust your payment based on your copy, but it might spur them into looking into the matter a little more closely.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-08-11:
I recommend Safford Dodge in Frediricksburg VA. I hear they're tops.
Posted by TomKline on 2004-08-13:
Dear Mr. Chris Daniels,
Thank you for spending many hours in resolving your concerns with RK. As of this morning, August 13, 2004, I understand that each and every one of your concerns have been fully addressed. Even though you are not the purchaser of the automobile, we want you to be 100% satisfied.
Unfortunately, problems do arise. When this occurs, it is even more important to "go the extra mile" and satisfy our customers. Business relationships are "easy" when everything goes "fine." But when bumps in the road occur, you should judge a company by how they resolve issues. I am available Monday through Saturday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. My direct dial number is 431-6507. My email address is tomkline@rkchevy.com. Please contact me personally if there is anyway that I can assist you. Tom Kline.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-16:
Tom Kline, Great post!!!
Posted by perfzone on 2004-08-25:
Thinker, I see you dont come by your handle lightly. Your wisdom and insight made this post a happy ending for all. I hope you continue to sprinkle your brand of knowledge all over this board. The way you grasped the posters problem and rendered that brilliant solution................a true masterpiece.

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