ICICI Complaint - Big Fraud Company - ICICI prudential pension plan and other ulip plans

Review by icici victim on 2009-11-26
Friends, first of all let me call myself stupid to invest in a nightmare called ICICI PRU LIFETIME PENSION PLAN. I have invested a pretty big amount in this fraud plan. Most of the investors still don't know that ICICI is a fraud company. There are thousands of investors like me who have lost their hard earned money and cursing ICICI and repenting for their stupid decision of investment.
To be precise, like other ulip policies, icici also deducts most of the amount of the investors, on the name of administration and fund managment charge. It is assumed that, by paying these charges, the so called frauds called fund managers should protect the fund against the market fluctuations. But besides paying such a big price for such brainless fund managers, the fund value is seen at the bottom.

If fund managers cannot manage the fund, and the fund value is falling vigerously, then, why not to invest in the stock directly and bear the risk of market fall? Can anyone honestly answer this answer? ICICI certainly has a good justification that, You are looser and haven't read the offer document carefully. OK, I am the loser, I admit this when I invested in ICICI. Just like the legal documents cannot be understood by a common man other than a lawyer, the fraud offer documents designed to cheat and loot the investors, obviously cannot be understood perfectly by the investors. And above all there are specially trained fraud fox, the advisors who have expertise in cheating people. They are paid handsome commission for bringing in the BAKARA ! Friends, if you are planning to invest in any scheme, plan under a fraud and fake banner of ICICI, please beware !! You might lose all your hard earned money like thousands of loosers like me. ICICI is a nationwide conspiracy to loot people. The ICICI VICTIMS like me should form a forum to fight against this conspiracy.

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