Collegiate Housing Complaint - Provide housing mostly for college studetns where colleges do not have their own

Review by mradawg on 2009-11-28
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I am sure I am not the only one that has a student at a college that does not have dorms on campus. Instead, they make connections with surrounding apartment complexes to house students. The put 4 students into a two bedroom, two bath apt. and charge each student about $449.00 (YES, THAT IS PER INDIVIDUAL). They are also put into one of the older apts. I checked the same apartment to find that the same 2 bedroom apt would run about $675 and it would be an updated/modernized apartment. Collegiate housing says--they provide the furniture and an allowance towards the electric bill. Well, they supply 4 beds, 2 nightstans(one for each room) two small dressers, a little dining table with four chairs, and a couch, and two end chairs. Oh, yeah--they charge per student $30 for clenaing up the apts. The couch and Chairs look like something my grandmother used to have; I sat in the chair and my butt must have been aout 6" of the ground. The dressers and nightstands--I would not even my dirty clothes in there nevermind clean clothes.

The electric is an allowance and if the students go over it --they are responsible. Now think about this---4 girls and everything they do to look pretty, plus a section of the country where the heat is about 110 degrees from July to Sept. How far do you think that ALLOWANCE will go. So the monies sum up to a price of $1796, for one of the older and shabbier units, furniture you could get better at the Goodwill store, and appliances that look like they should be in a museum.

So--$1796 for an older apt. with a modernized apt going for $675-resulting in an $1121.00 profit. I am surprised the government has not looked into this rip off.
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Posted by msnanny on 2009-11-28:
Are students required to stay in the units chosen by the college? If not why not just rent your child the $675 unit you found?
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-28:
exactly msnanny!

Of course with your own apartment you won't be getting it fully furnished, or utilities included, or cleaning service.

so in the end you will most likely end up paying almost the same. PLUS you may have to enter into a contract for x amount of months.

and, FYI
a furnished apartment usually costs 100 extra
a month-to-month lease usually costs 100 extra

so, if you got your own place with the same services, you'll be likely paying almost 900 a month (including utilities).

so... .are you still convinced you're being ripped off?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-28:
Pepper, it would be more, but really less if the same students went in together as roomies. Then the profit is in their pockets but they have to clean it themselves.BUT, OP, your kid is a college student. Let him or her get a job and fend for himself/herself. She IS an adult after all and must learn to survive on her/his own.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-11-28:
Is the government supposed to "look into" everything? They have a right to make a profit, you have the right to put your kid into another apartment.

Why is it everything these days that displeases someone is suddenly the government's responsibility to check out and make right?
Posted by lisa on 2009-11-28:
Why not Hugh? The government has it thumb/nose in everything else! (Please note sarcasm there!)

And it also evens out to what a semester would be on campus as well.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-11-28:
sounds like the two bedroom apartment you found would be better and cheaper.
Posted by S. on 2009-11-28:
If I owned a home that was converted to apartments, you couldn't pay me enough to rent to college students. And especially furnishing the place. Reason being I see how responsible(?) our current crop of students is. At that age, I was mainly working full time and attending night school so didn't have very much time to goof around.
Right, Hugh. Another case of 'cradle to grave' mentality we seem to be heading toward. Heading? Heck! I think we're there already.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-28:
good point. i'm going back to college myself but i have a 1 bedroom apartment to myself. after 13+ years of military life (including living on 3 different ships) i do not want to share living space with kids
Posted by kim on 2013-06-06:
im currently living in collegiate housing. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. the apartment is originally around 1200 a month. there are 4 of us. three are paying 539 a month and i am paying 589 a month because i wanted a 6 month lease instead of a 9 month lease. do the math. including rediculous charges. the collegiate housing lady tried to tell my mom that i didnt pay my rent for this month but whe i told my mom i paid it yesterday and i have the verification codes for it. she then "found" my payment. worst decision i have made to get with collegiate housing but they did make it sound like they were going to make it easier. i moved over 750 miles so i really didnt have much of a choice. i wish i could have had a better look around before signing that lease. please never go with collegiate housing. this is my last month here, and i cant wait to move out i actually might move out a little early just to get away from them.

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