Ganley Motor Company-Cleveland Complaint - Bad Sales Team - The Brookpark Store!

Review by NannyTo3 on 2004-08-13
PARMA, OHIO -- In April of this year (2004) my husband and I came to Ganley on Brookpark in Parma to inquire about Mazda's 6. He was in need of a new car and he was really interested in it...We took a black one for a test drive only to pull out of the lot and have it run out of gas on us!...So after pulling it back in , we thought of it as a fluk and decided to continue our talks with our dealer..however at this point my husband decided to inquire about the RX-8..the salesman looked through inventory to locate a red one which he found and as he was going through avaible options on the car. He seriously FELL ASLEEP..sitting upright in mid conversation. Needless to say we saw ourselves out.
*My husband later that week purchased a 28,000 dollar fully loaded Accord V6 from Sunnyside lost.

But again in May when my lease ran up on my car I said we should give them another go, because it was just one guy..boy was I wrong. After accquiring a new salesman this time we sat down to discuss the possibility of them getting in a car that I desired...Halfway through our conversation his attention went from us to the Bright RED Jetta being backed off the showroom floor...seeing as though the conversation had ended we inquired about why this was a big deal to him (the Jetta) He said "I cant believe that a**hole is selling her that car..we get 75 bucks for each car we sell and due to incentives you get 600 bucks if you sell that one...everyones trying to sell it now..that a**hole" Well after his attention returned he finished by saying the car I wanted was due to come in the 4th week in June and to stop back if I would like to see it. I did come back the forth week in June...and was greeted in the parking lot by a salesman who informed me that they had dropped the mazda line..I asked if there was a way to track the mazda I see where it went..he said and I quote "it went back to mazda lady"
*As of last week I am the proud owner of a lapis blue Mazda 6 fully loaded..from the nice sales staff at Park Mazda in Akron.

I am a the way...and I work for an elite family. The mother of the family has a thing for Cabrio LE. She was searching high and low for a used one now that they are no longer in production..she wanted a black soft top, red body. I spotted one in Ganleys(brookpark) used car lot this summer and quickly let her know, she herself called and asked what the best price she could get was since she was willing to pay cash on the spot after self inspection. she was told "Lady I am going to get cash for this vechile no matter who buys it so this is the best price, dont waste my time"
*good thing she didnt cause the following week she hired a company to ship in a matchiing set of black top red body cabrio le's she found in California. The cars cost plus shipping cost her nearly 3 times what she almost gave Ganly..they now reside in her barn along with her Model A, her Mercedes, her M3 and a couple boats in newberry OH.

I just wonder how you stay in up and running Ganley?

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