Frito Lay, Inc Complaint - Product Quality - Cheetos - Crunchy

Review by Steff on 2004-08-13
PLANO, TEXAS -- On a weekly basis we purchase Cheetos, Crunchy Style for evening snacking. Over the past several years I can truthfully say we have always been very satisfied with the product until this week. In the bag, along with the expected product were numerous "globs" of cheese and seasoning. If you reached in the bag and obtained a handfuk of the contents and if one did not pick up each individual Cheeto, at some point there would be this "GLOB" in one's mouth. The taste was almost strong enough to "take one's breath away", not a pleasant experience. If a small child would get several of these in their mouth at one time, there could be problems.
Just want to know what has happened to your QUALITY CONTROL?
The inforamtion stamp on the package reads:
Sept 07
4:06 36
If there are any additional markings that help identify the plant of manufacture, we could not find it.
If the information submitted is sufficent to allow you to identify the place of manufacturing, then PLEASE notify them they need to drastically improve their quality control.
Thank you
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-08-26
Posted by mantha on 2004-08-14:
try a fruit cup next time because i can actually hear you getting fatter.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-08-15:
Don't worry poster. That was just that id!ot's (siffers) bad breath blowing back in his face. He is a geek. Look at his 12 year old picture on his blog.
Posted by SF on 2004-08-16:
Crazy, It looks like you struck a nerve on the little loser.
Posted by death on 2004-08-18:
God, you guys, grow the f*ck up and get a clue. name calling is so immature, let's focus on the actual comment here....Cheetos! duh. i would definatley complain, noone should have to put up with that digusting sh*t, Cheetos are good! and they wont make you fat by eating them every once in a while, uh duh!
Posted by death on 2004-08-23:
why yes i am, and yet another lame comment about how my name is "death" wow, how un-surprising. maybe i'll just have to pay you a visit soon, eh. i wish....
Posted by death on 2004-08-26:
why yes, you you have made a new revolutionary discovery.

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