Veterans Administration Complaint - NO COLA??? who made us except this cola?

Review by axehandlebill on 2009-11-30
2010 Compensation & Pension Rate Information
VA compensation and pension benefits cost of living allowance (COLA) is paid based on the Social Security Administration (SSA) COLA. Compensation COLA by statue may not be more than the SSA COLA and pension COLA is equal to the SSA COLA. This year SSA did not increase COLA. VA will be providing letters to beneficiaries informing them that there will be no COLA for 2010.
WOW, they can't even come out and say you will not get a cost of living raise, but who in Government did, care to guess???
What President said he was going to help Veterans???
http://www.vba. va.gov/bln/21/whatsnew.htm
We have been abused by the Government and we should sue everyone in congress for our money...some of them never went into the service and really hate us..and the ones that was in the service have forgotten us...Lets get rid of this cola law that they tacked onto us and tie us up with the congress and senators pay raise system...
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Posted by goduke on 2009-11-30:
My understanding is that the inflation rate for 2009 is actually negative through the end of October 2009. Consequently, anything indexed to cost of living would not go up as, officially, the cost of living has not gone up.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-11-30:
You're right Goduke. There was no increase in the cost of living for the reported 09 periods. In fact, I have understood there was a slight decrease, as we actually experienced deflation on a very small scale. It would make sense then that if there was no real increase to the cost of living, there would be no reasoning to do a COLA increase in benefits.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-30:
If the law was consistent, they would cut benefits this year to match the decrease in the cost of living. Its not set up that way, but cola is meant for increased cost of living, not merely a yearly raise.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-30:
Yet I read at the Office of Personnel Management that President Obama via his presidential authority gave the federal workers an across the board 2.0% raise for 2010. I guess the civil servant's cost of living was higher.

This should piss people off for a variety of reasons.


Posted by axehandlebill on 2009-12-01:
Boy, if you think the cost of living has gone down, then you better look at your Property taxes, state taxes and federal taxes... why hell just by the goverments on actions anyone on social security will not get a raise but they will be paying $20.00 more a month for medicare, yes that means people will make less per month because health ins. is going up?. Food price has not gone down nor has it leveled off it has gone up about every 3 mo. our water and sewer has gone up along with electricity.....hell lets look at gas...2.59 gallon...that is up fron $1.79 at the start of the war9-11? we have never got a raise to cover the cost of that..have you bought a quart of oil lately??? how about cooking oil...here is the best part...my dad died 4 years ago and it cost us 4800.00 now mom died and its 7200.00 we bought the same thing for both and the grave site was already paid for and the tombstone was paid for too??? I just cant belive someone would say the cost of living has gone down and 18% of the people are not working and that means no taxes are being paid by them so guess who is going to pay it...??? hell, go buy a cup of coffee...and then ask yourself, how much did this cost me in 2008...2007...2006...anyone that thinks the cost of living is going down is nuts and needs to go push a grocery cart around in the store for awhile...
Posted by S. on 2009-12-01:
axehandlebill, I agree that the cost of living has increased. For me during the past year: cable, power, rent. Also, my favorite potato chips from GFS have gone up 50 cents a bag. Makes Pinochle night more expensive! I guess I could make it up by increasing costs to my clients, but then I could lose some, too. Guess I'll just have to beat the bushes to obtain a few more. Maybe tossing in that 'inflation' thingy is the basis for their convoluted reasoning.

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