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Review by jannjan on 2009-12-03
I don't think this company exists at all. Beware, I've been scammed! I ordered clothes & acccessories online and paid with my credit card on Nov. 17 but it is now December 3 I have not received my order. All I got was a confirmation of payment and a bogus looking receipt number. I emailed their "customer service" on their website and got a reply a week later. It said I should have received my order by now and they were supposed to send another one. I replied and asked for a confirmation and tracking number and no immediate reply. It might take another week. Meanwhile I'm $72.00 in the hole. Don't shop on this website. It is a scam. And if it turns out it isn't a bogus or a scam, it is the poorest in customer service & reliability. That's for sure.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-03:
So you ordered like 2 weeks a go. It can take a few weeks to receive an order from a company. I really dont know much about that company and would have been hesitant to order from them if I didn't know they were a legitimate company. If you don't recieve anything in a week or 2, I would contact your CC company
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-12-03:
Hmmm, I had a look at the website and I do admit something doesn't seem quite right about it. There's not even a 1-800 number you can contact the company with, only a dialog box where you can submit a message, and 'they'll answer as soon as possible.'
Maybe I'm not up on the latest online shopping trends, but this one seems shifty to me.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-12-04:
I have a news flash for you. It is the holiday season and stores as well as the postal system are overloaded. Did you honestly expect to receive an order in two weeks? Give me a break. Look on any advertisement, and you will see they usually say allow 4-6 weeks, and that is for non-season times. Switch to decaf and chill out, I got a dollar to a dog biscuit your order is on the way.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-04:
Perhaps back in the 70's 4-6 weeks was standard shipping time but in today's world of online shopping 5 to 10 days is pretty standard regardless of the season. And yes most people who shop online do expect delivery within two weeks and in most case do receive their orders within two weeks. In fact not receiving an order within two weeks would be an exception worthy of complaint.

Good job OP for pointing out this shady business and perhaps you'll save somebody else a 'Lesson Learned'.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-04:
i would say try calling them up

email leaves you kinda at their mercy... they can reply to you when they feel like it.

also... if they seem to just be jerking you around
you can also contact your credit card company and file a complaint over the charges
Posted by Starlord on 2009-12-04:
Stew, true, the ordering process is much faster, with computers instead of snail mail, but the preparation, packaging and shipping still takes time. Unfortunately, they have not figure out how to make a computer do the grunt work in shipping merchandise. I used to work in the transit section of Indiana National Bank, and we handled Lane Bryant Fashions and Columbia and RCA record clubs. My job was to verify the bundles of cancelled chaecks from the Totalizators. I would have anywhere from 30 to 60 million dollars a day in cancelled checks go through my hands, each check representing an order. If the enough people to process all those orders in your time frame, the payroll would bankrupt them. Then there is the problem of actual delivery, remember, you are dealing the the USPS, UPS and FED-EX. I stand my ground, I feel the merchandise is en route.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-04:
star - good point.
one of my favorite companies has a fast ordering process but a very slow shipping process. 8 weeks average.

but it's not because they're slow - it's because everything is made to order, and they usually have a backlog. and deploying military get first priority. (it's military gear after all)
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-12-04:
Pepper, I could not find a 1-800 number available to contact them with anywhere on the site. Which makes me very suspicious.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-04:
i'll search their page via google...
and yeah hmmm....

one moment... i'll use one of my other magic tricks

Here you go

They're owned by "Domains by proxy"
the company number is (480) 624-2599

they might be able to help but i'm not sure
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-04:
got it!


PR/ Marketing nick@taraink.com
SHOWROOM / SALES - tim@tandashowroom.com & alfred@tandashowroom.com

both taraink.com and tandashowroom.com have phone numbers listed on their sites

taraink - http://www.taraink.com/index.php?Mpage=6
tandashowroom - http://tandashowroom.com/contact.html
Posted by AnonyMad on 2010-05-23:
i ordered in mid april it's now almost the end of may and i haven't received either so i don't think it's because of holiday issues.. this site is a scam. for sure.
Posted by GAS'D on 2010-06-04:
So i am the owner of GAS'D I have just found aout about this forum about the comapny. There is no scam we have sent our product all around the world. Like any company we have had issues with effecincy and speed something that we have been working on perfecting. If anyone has yet to recieve a order please email me directly with proff such as a confirmation email. I apologize for anyone who has had to think my company is any kind of scam.

Email : imaniwaddy@gas-d.com
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-06-04:
GAS'D...I'm just hoping your business is better than your spelling. Doesn't bode well for your company's professionalism.
Posted by AnonyMad on 2011-05-07:
No.. this (GAS-D / Pronounced Love / Triangle Circle Triangle Square) is definitely a scam/waste of time, I waited literally more than 10 months and sent dozens of emails (to get about 2 replies within the entire time) without getting anything and then they finally just gave me my $50 back. I didn't want my money, I wanted what I ordered almost a year earlier. I think they gave up because they knew they weren't going to send it and I wasn't going to stop pestering them. I feel bad for anyone who wasn't as persistent as I, however. It isn't THAT hard to send a product, PERIOD. I owned an e shop when I was in the 6th grade and sent out over 50 things in one summer, all on time, without any problem.
Posted by AnonyMad on 2011-06-18:
They didn't actually give me my money back. I just received my package two days ago that I ordered 1 Year and 2 Months ago (NO exaggeration AT ALL) LITERALLY 1 YEAR, I waited for shipping of a freaking hoodie and I just got it yesterday IN THE WRONG SIZE. And they're ignoring all of my emails.

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