Nugget and Carats Fine Jewelry Complaint - When Jewelry is left, this company returns something that is quite different to Senior Citizens that they left.

Review by ricky smiley on 2009-12-07
MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA -- I find that Seniors that take their Jewelry in for repair or some changes to be made on jewelry and asked to leave their jewelry for about a week, when they pick it up and returned they are returned with cheaper item that is completely different from the item they left. Many Seniors does not know until they arrive back at home which is to late to notice. Some of us Seniors vision is not quite up to par as it should be and notice this misrepresentation to late.

I would like this jewelry store tested by sending in any Senior Citizen that is old, prehaps just a lady without anyone with them. Even if she is very smart, I think she should look like she does not quite know how the jewelry repairs work, I think the police calls it a decoy.

Once that decoy goes in there and leave her jewelry for whatever reason, repair, diamond broken and fixed in ring or whatever and have her pick it up take...however before she touches it if it does not look like what she left, refuse to take it, make a police report, have the item picked up by law inforcement and have DNA done on it. If the person who left the jewelry's DNA is not on it and only the persons working there is the only DNA on it.....that will tell you something about what is/has gone on there.

I would not like them to touch it and pick it up anyway like I did which meant once I touched it my DNA is on it.
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-12-07:
Posted by warddw1526 on 2009-12-07:
Is this your opinion on what is happening, or is this an experience you have had? Right now, I agree with karleebarlee and it sounds like a case on CSI.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-07:
This sounds more like a case of grandma insisting the nurses are stealing from her at the home. Unless the OP has evidence that the jewelry store is harvesting from repairs and replacing with inferior components, this is pointless. Also, they clean most jewelry left with them, usually with chemicals. That's probably going to wipe out any DNA or fingerprints on the jewelry itself. If the OP actually wanted to prove this, there are diamonds with serial numbers out there...
Posted by Skye on 2009-12-07:
You have to have facts op, not feelings.
Posted by rlmkelley on 2010-10-24:
I agree with elderly poster, they switched a diamond in my wedding ring. I posted a review, and I have FACTS - 2 appraisals, before and after to back me up. Wish I could picket the store with a sign saying 'diamond thief'!!! Other jewelers (reputable) in the area apparently have knowledge that he operates this way.

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