Steveabooks Complaint - (Ebay) Sellers Have No Rights Buyers In Charge BOYCOTT

Review by SteveABooksSuks on 2009-12-07
This Feedback situation On eBay is a joke. My complaint is of the sight and the latest Customer. First of all EBAY makes fraud easy for the buyer. When I enter into a contract to sell items on ebay, It is just that a contract. When I sell item As Is, No REFUND It is just that. I received first negative from buyer who wanted half his money back. From a World War 2 Item that was described as good condition and sold as is. NO REFUND. I even added extra stuff to auction after it had bid. I'm sure this is a common complaint of he said she said. But Ebay needs to have a rating system so we can rate buyer. Its not fair to have a rating system on the seller and not the buyer. Or even have a review board look at negatives to determine if its done out of spite etc. Ebay has no respect for the litte guy who has made them the money maker they are today. My Buyer was able to leave negative just because I didn't give back half his money. This was only a $47 sale. And guy demanded it be sent in box instead of envelope. I payed extra 5 bucks shipping to send. Now he wants half money back on item, which was a steal at the price he got it. So once you figure in Ebays fees and Customers who have you just where they want you. Ebays entire feedback system is a joke and breach of contract. If I'm bound as a seller to rules. These rules should apply equally. Please feel free to add STEVEABOOKS TO YOUR BLOCKED LIST. I'm amazed some big named lawyer has not questioned eBay on there ethics. I'm forming protest group as to the nature of ebays ways. I'm boycoting eBay from now on. I'm shocked more people don't. As To Steveabooks. I'm sure having a store is made easier when you get item for half. ADD HIM TO BLOCK LIST
If I was wrong I would have no problem refunding. But because of ebays favortism I Feel it's time to quit EBAY. Ebay has made it clear they could care less about sellers and we should return favor and not list during busiest time of year.
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Posted by bunnyhead on 2009-12-16:
I am a seller on Ebay and I totally agree. As a seller, I used to be able to leave negative feedback for a buyer but they changed the rules about a year ago. Two weeks ago I sold an item and the buyer never paid for it. I opened a case with Ebay and a week later it was closed with no response from the buyer. I recieved all of the fees back from the sale but I couldn't leave negative feedback for the buyer who stiffed me. I left feedback anyway as a positive, however, the feedback that I left was not positive. Two days ago, I recieved an email from Ebay saying that I violated the feedback rules and that my feedback was being removed. I am being penalized for leaving feedback stating that the buyer never paid. How is that fair??
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-16:
The thing is... I don't know if ebay allows a "no refund" sale anymore.

even if you put it on the sale, you may want to review the Terms of Service to see if it's allowed.

because if the Terms of Service allow all buyers to get a refund, then it won't matter if you wrote "no refunds" or not on the page.

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