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Review by yosemitegirl on 2009-12-11
P.O. BOX 2036 CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I was contacted on Nov 12th 2009 and told for 109.00 I could get free airfair, please note I was already a VIP member and I told the man on the phone I didn't need no package deal with room but only airfair... I was told I could use it within 30 minutes so I got suckered and when I tried in 30 minutes was told otherwise so I canceled right away.... and was told my money would be refunded back into my bank account within 3 bussness days... didn't happen... then I called the 800# on my bank info.. which I made several calls to and told the manager would call me back within 3 days.. he never did so on the 28th of Nov I called and talked to a man who claimed to be the asst. manager of refunds and was told my money would be back in the bank within 30 days... that will be tomarrow but after reading other reports on this site I'm not very hopeful of that being true. go to your bank and also make a police report and contract the BBB. thats what I'm going to do.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-11:
$109 for "free" airfair, (I mean airfare?) Even the name of the company sounds like a scam. I would suggest that you take some English spelling and grammar classes.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-11:
This seems to me like buyer's regret. Having been called (I assume unexpectedly) and told that she could use the package within 30 minutes, at the end of 30 minutes she already knew a flight she wanted to take and immediately tried to use it? Doubtful. She then cancels. Any reasonable person who actually still wanted the package would have waited a little more time than this before cancelling.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-11:
Let us know how the police report thing comes out.
Posted by yosemitegirl on 2009-12-12:
so my spelling was off.. big deal....I'm a bus driver not an english teacher... and I told the guy I only needed airfare and yes I tried to use it cause I was looking for airfare for the holidays.. to visit friend which is why I didn't need a airfare & room combo.. what it comes down to is I was lied to, to get my visa card info... and I did contact the NJ BBB and the NJ division of conumer affairs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-12:
Well be sure you can read the signs. I would hate for you to see "Stop" and think it said "Slow". And when someone gets on your bus they pay their "fare" not "fair". But on your complaint, you should be very suspicious if someone you don't know phones you and makes an offer that you have to take up in 30 minutes. This doesn't sound like buyer's remorse to me. Sounds like you were scammed. Press the police to see who is on the other side of that telephone number.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-12:
and don't forget to get your credit card numbers changed
Posted by yosemitegirl on 2009-12-13:
I already contacted my bank and got a new card coming. this was a club I was a member of for 2 years.. I travel alot and just really hadn't used my membership and the 30 minute thing was the salesman on the phone was the one who lied and said I could use it that soon, as soon as it was put into the computer system. I kick myself now for even buying into this lie.. but life is a giant classroom and lesson learned.

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