DirecStarTV Complaint - DirecStarTV sales gives false information

Review by Kulero on 2009-12-15
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called DirecStarTV to obtain satellite television services. To be clear, my complaint is with DirecStarTV, which (I was told) is one company that markets DirecTV service, not with DirecTV per se or with the fourth party contractors who perform the installations.

The installation includes one HD-DVR. I asked what I needed to receive service and play back the DVR's recordings in a second room (as Uverse can, which sadly is unavailable in my area). I was told that I needed an HD receiver, and it would play back the HD-DVR recordings from the other receiver. I was skeptical and asked several times to confirm, and was assured this was the case. It was not. The DirecTV receivers do not "talk" to each other, and recordings made on one receiver must be played back on that receiver. False information #1.

The installer called prior to installation, and I asked him to confirm the playback issue; he told me correctly that what I wanted to do was not supported. I therefore wanted to change my order for the second receiver from an HD to an HD-DVR. We called DirecStarTV to make the change. Their computer systems do not allow an order to be changed!!! Instead, the original order had to be canceled and a new order placed. The first time we (the installer and I) called, DirecStarTV's computer systems were down and we had to call back later. The second time, the call took about an hour to complete. I stayed on hold much of that time, while the installer did his thing. I was very pleased with the installer guy, but not with the service from DirecStarTV.

Regarding rebates. I was correctly told by DirecStarTV that if I filed the rebate online before installation, it would take place immediately. But if filed after installation, it took 6-8 weeks to process and take effect. One point for good information, and I did file the rebate in advance.

But due to their bad info about the DVR playback, I needed to change my order, and due to DirecStarTV's bad systems that order was canceled and replaced. I asked the customer service representative (during that hour long phone call) about what I need to do to about rebates. She said that since I had already filed them, I didn't need to do anything, they would take effect. False information #2. My first bills do not show the deduction; I had to file the rebates again and wait 6-8 weeks since installation had already occurred. Remember, this CSR was the very person who canceled and rebuilt my order, so she should have been aware of any issues.

When I made my original order for service with the included HD-DVR and a second HD receiver, the sales representative informed me that I must maintain service for 12 months or pay a ~$240 (I forget the exact amount) cancellation fee. False information #3. After the installer completed work, I needed to sign paperwork. One document said that service must be maintained for 12 months for standard-def service, but for high-def (HD) service, the contract term is 24 months with a ~$480 cancellation fee. Remember that the representative who told me 12/240 was well aware that I was ordering HD service.

A string of so much false info all in one request tells me either their CSRs are either poorly trained or trained to give out false information. So far I am happy with the DirecTV service itself, but I recommend obtaining it through a different agent.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-15:
why wouldn't you just do through direcTV. I never trust those 3rd party companies weather they are selling cable service or wireless service.
Posted by Kulero on 2009-12-22:
Good advice. At the time, I didn't know any better. (Now people reading my experience can know better.) Here's how it happened: I had called a different company to set up DSL&phone service. Apparently, they have a marketing partnership with DirecStarTV. As we wrapped up, they asked if I was interested in satellite TV and forwarded me to their partner to set it up. For all I knew, I was dealing with DirecTV; I didn't know at the time I was dealing through a 3rd party company.

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