Stormprice.com Complaint - Refuses to Give Refund for a Product Never Received

Review by evw on 2009-12-16
I ordered some designer swim trunks from stromprice.com and when the item was out of stock, they refused to refund my account. They kept saying they would provide a refund, but never did. When I filed a complaint with PayPal they said they couldn't refund during the dispute process. I had PayPal advise stormprice.com that they could issue me a refund as I closed the PayPal claim, but they never did refund my money and since then refuse to communicate with me. They operate out of China and have no phone or address on their website www.stormprice. com
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-12-16:
When will people ever learn? Never deal with a website when you cannot find a physical address (not a PO box) and phone number. Both need to be verifiable through independent research.

The fly-by-night websites will continue to thrive and be profitable as there are so many people that are so willing to send their money into a black hole.

If it happens to be an out of the country transaction your recourse is almost non-existent.
Posted by goduke on 2009-12-16:
I think the paypal account is linked to either a credit card or a bank account. Could you file a dispute with either the CC company or the bank?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
It should be a red flag that they want to be paid through Paypal. Paypal is never going to help you, you might as well flush your cash.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
Well, I use paypal when I purchase items from Ebay and have never had a problem. You can dispute something easily on Paypal. When you dispute, paypal holds the funds from the seller's account until the issue is resolved. "I had PayPal advise stormprice.com that they could issue me a refund as I closed the PayPal claim, but they never did refund my money and since then refuse to communicate with me." Why would you CLOSE the claim if you didn'et get your refund yet? Basically by closing the claim to told paypal that the issue was resolved. That was a bad idea.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
If the seller has a Paypal connection, Paypal always seems to decide disputes on the side of the seller period. They know that's where they will make thier money. Case like this come up daily. Why use Paypal at all if they offer you no guarentee of pretection? Conversely, why would a company (especially a foreign one) insist on using Paypal? It's because they know that Paypal will support them in their fraud.

If I buy something with my credit card I know I have a level of protection. I have no such assurance with Paypal. Why would I ever choose to use them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
When you use paypal, you can pay by credit card. So you still have that protection. Paypal is the leading payment on Ebay. Whenever I sell anything, I almost require a paypal payment. That or a check, that I will wait 7 bank business days after I deposit the check before I ship merchandise. Paypal is pretty safe and I disagree with you that paypal sides with the sellers. Paypal sides with the buyers. Trust me. You are basically screwwed if you send something in the mail without tracking...and the buyer says he never recieved it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
I have proof. I sold someone on Ebay a 4 dollar item. Yes it sold for four dollars plus 1 dollar shipping. I never get the tracking on this particular item because its not worth the price of what the USPS charges for tracking.....of course this particular buyer says they never recieved it and filed a dispute on Paypal. Paypal held the fice dollars in my account, so basically I could not withdraw the funds until the issue was resolved. Rather than waste my time, and worrying that this buyer may give me negative feedback, I just refunded the 5 bucks and moved on. He was a new bidder on Ebay and I just know for a fact he got the merchandise, but its not worth the hassle over 5 bucks.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-16:
Paypal is the leading service on Ebay because Ebay OWNS Paypal, and frankly, neither company is widely regarded for their integrity.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-16:
Paypal is okay with me. I bought and paid for something through paypal, but the address was wrong on the auction. The seller had to rebill me for the $27.00. I paid again. There was a procedure to get the first $27.00 back from the wrong address, but I put that off. A few weeks later, the $27.00 was automatically credited to my PayPal account without me doing anything else.

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