PNY Informative - PNY GeForce graphics card puts PC at risk

Review by user936 on 2009-12-17
I advise users to avoid PNY cards for the safety of their computer. In Dec 2008, I bought a PNY GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI for my Dell Dimension 4700. One day in Nov 2009, I smelled something burning. In the time it took me to determine that it was the PC, the PC automatically shut down and would not restart.

I opened the computer box and fanned the chassis to dissipate the smell. Then I discovered that the burning smell was the PNY card. The PNY card came with its own fan mounted to the card by four pathetically cheap plastic clips. Three of the four clips had melted. The fan had fallen off the PNY card onto the motherboard. The computer had overheated and shut itself down.

Do you want a card that falls apart in less than a year? How will you feel when you realize that the strong burning smell is your computer? Why take the risk? I implore you to choose somebody else’s card, NOT PNY.

In my opinion, not only is PNY product inferior to the point of endangering your computer but the customer service is equally poor. I registered the PNY card on the day it was purchased. That is not sufficient for PNY. They must have the original receipt even though the same product, with the identical serial number, is already registered with them. Isn’t this is just a flimsy excuse to minimize responsibility and to screw you? In my opinion, PNY is a second rate junk shop with customer service to match.

I was lucky. When I removed the PNY card and the fan that had fallen directly on the motherboard, then the computer restarted. Will you be so lucky with a PNY card? Multiple components could be affected by the excessive heat caused by the PNY card failure. The motherboard could have been damaged when the PNY fan fell on it.
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Posted by Critical_level2 on 2009-12-17:
You cannot say all PNY cards are duds. I have had a few in the past in other machines and they were pretty decent and reliable. You bought the cheapest card they make. The 8400-series is not a very good quality card to begin with from any manufacturer. The 8400-series is the bottom of the barrel card. You should have spent the few extra bucks and gotten an 8600-series, which is a better quality card. With computer components, when you buy cheap components, do not expect them to last any where near as long as quality components.

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