ValuPlusonline.com Complaint - Gift Card Never Received

Review by DiDi10 on 2009-12-19
HOPKINS, MINNESOTA -- I was offered two $25 gift cards from Walmart if I joined this group for a trial membership which was to be "free" for 30 days. I requested the information, and received a packet telling me to go online to apply for my gift card. This required a "working printer", which I did not have at the time. When I called their customer service dept., I was told my gift cards would be mailed.

to date, I've received several BLANK forms with which to apply, but never the gift cards from Walmart as promised. Calling them only results in an offer to send out another "form".

This is fraudulent and a scam.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-19:
Not if you don't have the required hardware.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-12-19:
"I was told my gift cards would be mailed." - Did you miss this??
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-19:
Do they want you to fill out the form then mail it in before you get the cards? Perhaps it is the same form you will fill in online and print?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-19:
I did read it. The guy needed a printer to print the form for the gift cards. He didn't have one. He called customer service. THEY told him they would mail the gift cards. They sent him the form for the gift cards that he could not print. Instead of filling it out and sending it back in, he continues to call them and they continue sending him the gift card form.
Posted by DiDi10 on 2009-12-20:
First of all, I'm not a "guy", and secondly, the form I received in the mail after calling was identical to the one which I COULD have downloaded and printed out IF my printer had been working. Yes, OF COURSE I filled it out and sent it in. Never heard back. I called a 2nd time, and again, was told they'd send out the form to fill out as they "probably" never got the first one.

Second card was filled out with all the required information and sent in. That was almost two months ago, and as of yet, heard NOTHING. A 3rd call was made and again, told they'd send out yet another BLANK FORM to fill out. No, I am not "just" calling them, I have sent in two cards, COMPLETELY filled out with all the necessary information being requested. Having a working printer is not the issue now. I can't print Walmart gift cards with a home printer! They are plastic laminated gift cards so they need to be sent directly from the group offering them. The ONLY thing that required me having a working printer was initially downloading and filling out the REQUEST form, which now has been done TWICE, with no results.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-20:
why not go to a public library and use a printer then?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-20:
Or the home of a friend or relative?
Posted by DiDi10 on 2009-12-21:
I think the point is still being missed, COMPLETELY. Why should I have to go to a library to download a form to APPLY for a free gift card, when the offer was simply FOR said gift card in the first place? I was able to download the form from their website, but my printer wasn't working at the time (no ink). I called and was told they'd SEND the form to me, which they DID. I filled it out and sent it in. ALL requirements from my end have been met..........the form HAS been filled out and sent in........not once, but TWICE, and now they simply say they'll send out another (THIRD form).

First of all, the original offer was as a result of purchasing something from an informmercial. At NO TIME did they say that one had to have a computer and/or printer to take advantage of said offer. Many people don't, and fact is, I do, and DID send in the required "form" two times. That's the point.........it's BEEN submitted twice and they're still just offering to send out yet another FORM, not the $50 Walmart gift card as promised.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-21:
Seems as if the OP has taken care of their end.
was the coupon coming from walmut or valuepuss?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
OH! I get it now, OP. Sorry, the original letter left out those details. I would be annoyed by now also! Maybe try sending it again this time return receipt? No, you should not have to do so, however, they do seem to be a bit inept at follow thru.
Posted by DiDi10 on 2009-12-22:
To "jktshff1", I'm not sure. It was offered as a "free gift" by ValuPlus simply for agreeing to a "trial/free for 30 day" membership, and they were very clear that it was to be provided no matter if one cancelled their "membership" before the end of the 30-day period or not. It states exactly that on the "request form" and on the website. Yes, I kept my part of the "bargain". It was my understanding that after filling out the "request form" (which I've now done twice), the $50 giftcard from Walmart would be sent (actually says TWO $25 giftcards and it would be my choice as to which retailer, and I specified WALMART), so I would "guess" they are sent from ValuPlus. "Raven", I could do that yet a 3rd time, but it would cost me much more than a $.44 stamp, and I've already spent $.88 in stamps to send two previous "requests". This time, I'm sending a letter in addition to the form to their corporate office, but can't warrant the additional for a "return signature" receipt. Hmmm, maybe I will! I'm just stubborn enough to keep this up. I think they figure all along that people first of all, won't cancel before the end of the "free" 30-day period so will end up paying $14.95 every month, and secondly, they'll give up if they don't get their gift cards as promised.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-12-22:
did you get the form filled out and the free gift or card thing yet?

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