Dr. Natura Compliment - Dr. Natura -- Great Results for Constipation

Review by bhinderbinder on 2009-12-19
1300 ALTURA RD., SOUTH CAROLINA -- In early 2008, I was experiencing particularly uncomfortable bowel problems. My history was such that constipation was a fairly common problem for me. I actually went to the Emergency Room at my local hospital because my symptoms. The attending Doctor who examined me didn't find anything questionable. I was quite frustrated because I just felt so 'blocked.' The Nurse said the usual 'Eat more fiber, get more excercise, drink water.'

I started researching 'colon cleansing' which I'd heard about from a few friends and acquaintances (sp). Then I went online and googled 'Colon Cleanse' and Dr. Natura came up. Well, I did spend quite some time reading through Natura's website. I was impressed by a number of things.

I was impressed with how thorough the site was. There were numerous links for 'contacting us' and addresses and FAQs were easy to find no matter where you were on the site. The testimonials of all the customers was interesting. Also what was impressive to me was the Colonix was entirely herbal-based, and seemed to offer common-sense relief over a period of 1-3 months. That seemed very reasonable and doable to me.

So I ordered the Colonix, as well as the detox stuff (Toxinout, DetoxiGreen, Flora Protect, and the KleriTea). These other products were recommended to be taken together with the Colonix, and as I was super frustrated with my constipation, and decided to go all out.

Well, the results were amazing... things started 'moving' fairly quickly, and I felt such relief. It was wonderful. I didn't experience any noticeable side effects beside having to pee a lot (because of all the water I was drinking). I started feeling better within the first 5 days, and it was MUCH easier to go to work in the morning feeling 'lighter'!

I would recommend this product. I'm a 48-year old female, pretty healthy. As it turned out, my constipation issues were related to beginning of menopause. I haven't done a cleanse since that time, because I've really worked on eating more fiber and EXERCISING. It's paid off. However if you need a 'nudge' and are willing to follow the directions for a month (taking the pills every day, drinking the water, drinking a cup of tea at night), you may have great results like I had!!

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