AIL INSURANCE CO. Complaint - Don't go to work for AIL

Review by jnolan716 on 2009-12-21
I was one of many that posted my resume on Career Builder & Monster in the hope of finding an opportunity to apply my career and serve American families with integrity and honesty. It begins with a promise of $50,000 to $100,000 your first year. The illustration they show you in their orientation sounds so easy. I am realistic and know that I can count on 40% of what most sales organizations illustrate but chose to pursue this challenge thinking that they would at least have a real lead program and decent enough products to earn a living and build a career. Even with a little apprehension, I entered their training program with an open mind.

First they want you to memorize a ridiculously long script with 70% of the script geared towards creating fear with your customers and generating additional referrals by misleading statements and services that have little to no value. They call these referrals but are no more than gathering names of other family members and co-workers under false pretenses as stating that you need their help to verify that everyone they work with have the opportunity to receive they benefits through their union and because you work with these unions you want to cross check their names against an non existent data base to endure they have been seen. The next referral scheme is to offer a medical service discount program that they can sponsor their friend and family to receive free of charge. This program is nothing more than a discount card that many providers do not honor. The third is to provide a child safety kit and tell them they can likewise sponsor friends and family to receive these kits free of charge. I have been a business owner for 5 years and in my book, a referral is a recommendation that a satisfied client gives after they have received excellent service. It is not a list of names gathered under with misleading representations in an attempt to solicit additional people under false pretenses.

After 30 minutes in a customers home, you get to the real reason why you are there. To sell them insurance. They typically want you to sell a package which is comprised of 3-4 different policies. Their products are are more expensive than most other companies. They depend and hope that their customers have not done the research to know that they could protect their families for a fraction of what they are being charged.

Finally, I found out very quickly that their exclusive leads are not very exclusive. In just a few minutes of calling my leads to get an appointment, I came across a lead that someone just called on a few minutes before and the majority of these leads are years old and have been called on many times before.

Since AIL invests little to no money into their employees, they have no problems getting their agents to drive a hundred miles to see someone who has no idea that your real reason for visiting them is to sell them insurance that they could get much cheaper with a little research.

AIL also requires that you join their union simply to be able to tell your prospetive union clients that you are also a union member. Probably the worst part of this deal is they require you to be a captive agent. That means that you cannot represent any other insurance products. This also means that you are limited to only the products this company has to offer their clients. In other words, a one size fits all program. Most companies that require you to be a captive agent usually pay a salary plus commission and many will also pay for your licensing. AIL offers none of these benefits.

All in all, I give this experience and company an F- for the way they treat their agents and their customers.

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