heatit coolit fixit Complaint - these people will bleed you blind

Review by Anonymous on 2004-08-26
PASADENA, TEXAS -- This company was sent out by a home warrenty company, first they said all my lines were bad on my air handler, Coil, and wanted to charge me 635.00, next day there tec. came out cleaned the lines and the coil , only charged 325.00, said the lines were okay. One month later, air out again, now they day, coil is Rotten out and leaking, and say I must pay 125.00 just for a permit to replace the unit, which the city says is 15.00, then they want to charge me 150.00 to haul the old one away. They probably knew the coil was going bad and should have changed it in the first place, but the permit deal is the kicker. city charges 15.00 and they want 125.00 . watch this company!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2004-08-26:
it's very common if a company pulls permits to charge $100 plus the permit(s). Basically, it is for the time involved to do it. Just tell them you will apply and obtain the permit yourself. They shouldn't have any problems with that, thus you can save the money. Or shop around and see who may offer a better total package.
Posted by SF on 2004-08-28:
If you have ever had to go pull a permit you would see why they charge so much. I have stood in line for 4 hours at a time for one permit. You have to go to Central Permitting to Zoning ect. It just blows a whole day.
Posted by casper on 2004-08-31:
I have dealt with this company before, they would Not allow me to get a permit either, nor would they allow us to dispose of the old unit and charged us over 200.00 to do so, even though our civil engineers on an army base were going to dispose of it along with other units they had to dispose of. I would Never call them again.
Posted by casper on 2004-08-31:
I asked the air conditioning guys at work, a permit for this type of job is at the most $25.00 and the disposal fee is around $20.00 so they are probably Really overcharging you, I'd find another company, and thanks I will know not to call them, And I had the coil removed & replaced a few years ago, and I didn't pay a disposal fee at all. Good luck
Posted by stubby226 on 2004-09-03:
This is what I've learned from other air conditioning repair companies.
1. permit rates, to replace your entire system and the air handler are at the Most: $57.00
There is No disposal fee. the law in Texas states that the company must drain all freon from the system to a specified container, and the unit then goes into any garbarge bin, even your own. And if they dump it , they dump it will all other units , cost: only $20.00 at the most. We have been with out air in Texas for two weeks and now this company won't change the part until next Tuesday, they have the part. Had I had the time I would have tried to get the warranty company to find me another repair company, Next time I will be smarter, and Now I know the Laws of Texas. ,thanks to some really nice honest repair companies, and one of our Congressman that stopped by our military base

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