Capital Ford Raleigh, N.C. Informative - Selling New Cars with Rusted Frames and Undercarriage.

Review by Jimbo on 2004-08-26
RALEIGH -- Consumers in the Raleigh Area:

Please be careful when you purchase a Ford at the Capital Ford Dealership in Raleigh, N.C. There are some what I Call serious problems with rust in the undercarriage.

I purchased a 2003 Ford Ranger in March of 2004. I got a satisfactory deal from the Capital Ford dealership, and purchased the vehicle from the showroom floor. The vehicle was purchased with a care plan and extended warranty to keep the vehicle long term. There was no reason for me to look under the vehicle. In May of 2004 while going over the owner's manual, I happened to look under the vehicle and found bumper to bumper rust on the under carriage.

I carried the vehicle back to Capital Ford and showed the damage to the body shop. One month later I got the zone manager to look at it and he denied my claim immediately stating it was not a safety issue, did not hurt the value of the vehicle, and did not hurt the looks of the vehicle. With little help from Capital Ford in Raleigh, I appealed to the dispute settlement board.

I had five days to get off work, prepare a presentation, get to Charlotte in the am hours when traffic is horrible, and make a presentation for 10 minutes and was cut off before I got started.

I am stuck right now with a rusted truck. My only remmedy is to call the local news channel and hope the public can at least be warned. This is MY WARNING TO YOU. DO NOT BUY A FORD or AN AMERICAN made car unles you want the same arrogance you received when they went down hill in the 80's. Do Not purchase a vehicle from Capital Ford in Raleigh NC. Remember this was a Car I purchased from the SHOWROOM.

The last word I got from the Settlement Dispute Board (home town referees) was that the rust on the under coating was acceptable to Ford. Is that arrogance? What about is it acceptable to me? It did not affect the value of the truck (right anybody in their right mind will buy that truck from me in 5 years if it is still rolling.
I was even told at the review boad by the dealership representative that the rust would protect the undercarriage from rust.

Every person I tell about this rust problem cannot believe I have to keep this vehicle in this shape. The good thing about this is the truck sits up high and the can lay on the ground and see the rust.

A word of thanks does go out to the body shop and the service manager. They know this is not right, and the body shop manager stated not to worry Ford would make it right. At least they had the common courtesy to look under the vehicle unlike the dispute settlement board. The service manager did call the zone manager on my behalf.
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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-26:
I would call your local chapter of BBB, contact the media and see what the "lemon" laws are in your area~
Posted by Jae Bird on 2004-08-26:
I feel your pain. I just purchased at 2003 Ford Taurus SES with 22,000 miles on it and it has rust under the hood which I was told was nothing to be concerned about. I imagine if I look underneath the car I would more than likely have a rusted undercarriage too. So much for a bargain.....it simply is pathetic the way the consumer is treated with these mediocre automobiles that cost far more than they are worth, and it is beyond shameful that the powers that be are living life in fine style off the backs of the little guy who bought the piece of junk his/her company manufactured.
Posted by SF on 2004-08-27:
Up until this year we have always had atleast one Ford at my house. This year we finally had enough of their lack of customer service. We traded 2 Fords in this year on other brands. Ford was once a good vehicle but not anymore.
Posted by canuk on 2004-11-08:
I know your pain, I'm currently dealing wiith them on two issues, my check engine light 200 WIndstar kept coming on and I had already spent 1200 dollars this year fixing the issue, turns out there are updated valve corver a assorted part to fix this issue, they were istall completely at my cost althou the issue is clearly Foreds hence the new rev of the parts. Also my van is rusted badly inplaces righ though the dorr, but Ford will only fix were the holes have come though and not just beside the existing hole where it will be coming though, (but most likely to until outoff coverage). I've never seen this about of effort to aviod fixing what is clearly a defective product, they do not care and it is the last North American Car/Truck I'll ever perchase.

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