SFO - Surplus Floors Outlet Complaint - Beware of SFO

Review by Melvintx on 2009-12-27
I can tell you that this company is a COMPLETE JOKE! Take my advice and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SFO! Notice that Mr. Robert L. Doumecq does not address ANY of the complaints on this board or elsewhere. Any company President worth his salt would have adressed EACH and EVERY complaint to prove that they are to be trusted with your business. Some of my favorite quotes from above: 1."over forty new floors being installed a day" When they were 3 days late on my floor they said it was because they were booked full with 15 floors. Make up your mind when you are going to spread lies. 2. "I love complaints" If you love complaints so much, why was I put on hold 12 times (yes, 12 times) when I tried to get my floors installed on the day you promised. And why when I did get through did your Manager Tony tell me to stop bothering him? Does he not love complaints as much as you? 3. " I will timely respond to every message I get" Why then Mr. Doumecq have you not responded to the LAST 3 EMAILS that I have sent to you? Do you selectively choose the emails to answer? Are you so inundated with all the complaints... that I am way down on your return list? Or are you just a liar? 4. " I continue to offer my assurances" Why should we trust anything that you say? All the comlaints that I have read tell me to not trust you at all. If you really wanted to assure people that you were serious, you would list your cell phone number so that anyone with a complaint can be assured of making your day with helping them with there problem. You are the person that "LOVES COMPLAINTS" aren't you?
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Posted by David on 2009-12-27:
you have a service issue not a major complaint. Sounds like they scheduled you and something came up and they didn't install the floor on the day promised. Since you don't say much how is this useful to anyone?

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