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Review by JordansMom769 on 2009-12-30
BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- #1: Moved this past weekend; my dad was getting me a truck. They handed him a clipboard & wanted US to go outside & check any scratches, dents, etc on the truck & write them down. Then bring it back & they'd put it in the system & tell us if any were already known. In other words, the whole process was potentially a waste of time if all the scratches & dents were "already known." We were in a hurry to get my stuff moved.

He asked why we had to do that, "well everyone has to." Well can't you do it? "No." Er, I think that's their job, not the customer's.

So we started to, but he decided to borrow someone's truck instead so he told U-haul never mind. I'd rented from them before & have never had to do that.

#2: A few years ago, I rented a truck for "a day" and was only given 8 hours...for the price that used to be for a whole day. I think it's been changed back to 24hrs since then.

#3: Several years ago I did a one-way rental to another town & reserved over the phone. I was told that upon arrival I would get 1 month free storage at their storage units. That would've been very helpful since I didn't have a place yet; I was staying w/a friend until I could get a place.

When I went to turn in the truck and asked for the storage unit, they said I didn't get one! It's been so long ago I don't even remember what their reason was. But it was a hardship to go around looking for another storage place AND pay for it as I barely had any money by then.

But I've just bought my 1st home so I'll never have to move again...
Company Response on 01/21/2010:
My name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I first would like to relay to you and your family my apology for the inconvenience you experienced. We realize moving can be stressful enough without any added frustration you may experience with the rental company. I would like to address each of your numbered concerns.
#1. When our customer chooses not to accept our optional Safemove Protection coverage, we ask that they walk around the rental equipment and note any damage that has not already been marked with a damage sticker decal. This is to protect our customer from being responsible for any damage they did not cause and was not noticed before their rental.
#2. We schedule an in-town rental for the hours you will be doing your loading, driving and unloading. Week days are the least busy time to move, therefore, U-Haul may schedule more than one family to use the available equipment on the same day during the weekend. If no other rentals are scheduled, we can certainly accommodate your in-town move with a 24-hour rental period.
#3. One month free storage with a one-way rental has always been a benefit to our customers. We can reserve a storage unit at the same time the truck or trailer is reserved. Because I'm unsure what exactly happened with your specific rental, I would think either the U-Haul location you returned the truck to was not a storage location or there were either no storage units available or the appropriate size was not available to accommodate your needs. Nevertheless, I am sorry we were not able to meet your needs.
As we value you as a customer, I would like to send you a $20.00 VIP Certificate that can be used toward a future purchase or rental on the many products and services U-Haul has to offer. In addition to our basic truck and trailer rentals as well as storage units, we rent pick up trucks and cargo vans. We rent garden equipment and steam cleaners. We sell boxes, bubble pack, rope and tape. We also sell permanent hitches, propane and locks. Please contact me at maria_palmisano@uhaul.com so I can obtain your email address to email the Certificate or provide me with a mailing address. It is only through communication with our customers that we find which programs are working and which areas need help. I hope to hear from you soon.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-30:
I think it's perfectly reasonable to check the truck for scratches and dents. What if you don't and there's something that's not on file. Guess who's going to get charged for it... you. And there's no proof it wasn't there beforehand, why... because you didn't check it? They check their trucks after a move to make sure you bring it back in the same condition it left. And then it sits there, waiting to be used by the next person. Anything could happen between then and now. And, when they ask you (the person renting the truck) to check it... I don't see how that's not fair.
Why couldn't you have just checked it? It's really no hassle while they're getting the rest of the paperwork done. Getting whatever else you asked for while you check the truck. This *does* need to be something you do because YOU are the one renting the truck... not the Uhaul employee. YOU need to check it so YOU don't get charged for a scratch you didn't cause. Yes, they may have it on file, but there could be something they missed. So, if you find something they missed... you won't get charged for something you didn't cause.
No, I don't work for them (in case you come back and ask). I've just rented trucks, a lot, from them and don't find that request unreasonable.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-12-30:
Always check any rental vehicle out yourself before you leave the lot with it, and bring any damage to someones attention and make sure they put it on writing on something you will have a record of. I've worked in car rental for almost 9 years and that is the best advice I can give you.
Posted by scrapper on 2010-01-05:
If you opt out of the insurance and damage the truck, who do you think pays for it? They are no different than car rental companies
Posted by dionayass on 2010-02-02:
For the protection of both parties, the truck should be checked for scratches, dents, etc. and signed by both. In the end , it would be the consumer who would be responsible. Buyer/renter beware. Yes , get insurance.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-02:
hell that should be for ALL vehicle rentals, be they uhaul trucks or regular car rentals

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