credit card Complaint - late payments and interest

Review by grha on 2004-08-30
KENTUCKY -- My mother made a very large purchase of some big ticket items from K's Merchandise. She was to get 6 months, no interest. After paying all but a small portion of the balance before the six months ended, she was charged interest of $170.00 on the entire beginning balance. This is a true rip off. I am a lawyer, and this is illegal as all get out. They are giving with hand and taking back with another. I am very interested in other complaints about this company's policies of collecting interest on amounts already paid. I have written to the company, the store where the goods were purchased, AND made a complaint to the Attorney General's office of my estate. If the states attorneys General get enough complaints, they just might do something. They certainly did with MetLife and Microsoft. No company is so big they can't be touched. Look at Worldcom, Martha Stewart and other major companies that have come under the gun recently.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2004-08-30:
Sorry, I don't believe that you are a lawyer for a second. These 6 months "same as cash" deals have been around for years and the terms spell out that if the balance isn't paid in full by the end date, ALL accrued interest is due. How is this illegal? This is the first I've heard of such- and if so, as a lawyer, why can't you handle this instead of writing to the AG?
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-08-30:
I don't think he can answer your questions and I'd sure hate to have him for my lawyer. Maybe he is a debt collector lawyer??? If so I'll bet he can't collect dust.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-31:
It may be legal, but is a underhanded rip off.
Posted by Tom S on 2004-08-31:
I seriously doubt you are of the profession you claim. In order for me to have accepted your claim of being a lawyer, I would have expected you to state which specific statute or code you claim K's Merchandise violated or exactly how this practice is illegal. Just about any attorney worth his/her salt would have done so - especially if he/she had acknowledged his/her mother failed to adhere to her obligations under the credit agreement. Your vernacular, though indicative of an educated person, also lacks a style element that would be in the writings of a vast majority of attorneys.

If you intend to be taken seriously, you first need to be honest. Attempting to make yourself look more important or authoritative is unnecessary and, if false, renders the rest of what you say as less than credible.
Posted by shadowkillr32 on 2004-09-10:
Next time, you and your mother should read every word of the tiniest print on the pages.
Posted by johndoe on 2006-03-31:
I work at a K's Merchandise. That's a promotion that usually is always running. The signs in the store and the application should say 6 months no payments, deferred interest or something to that extent.

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