TomTom Complaint - TomTom Go 740 Live fails to live up to expectations

Review by Better on 2010-01-03
I was very excited to try out our new TomTom 740 and initially really pleased by the features, especially live wireless data connection and the promise of much faster connection to satellites in city areas. Many of the features like instant connection to Google are great but it failed to provide simple directions in Chicago. On a trip to Canada via Chicago it failed in several ways.
1. The 740 promises early guidance on lane didn't provide this but rather told us to move over 4 lanes at the very last minute on several occasions
2. Coming back through Chicago to St Paul it got lost several times and to add insult to injury directed us on 94 to Milwaukee rather than 90 to Twin Cities via Wisconsin.
A great concept that fails to do the basics. The good news was that I bought it at Sam's Club and they were kind enough to take it back.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-03:
Bought a tom tom as my first gps for the car. Picked it up in Dallas, drove back to Memphis, returned it to Best Buy, and purchased a Garmin Nuvi. Garmin just seems to do a better job.
Posted by Johanna on 2010-01-03:
I used a TomTom when I did home health. It's the second one I've owned. It got me to where I needed to go, but sometimes would direct me to places via weird and unconventional routes. I once asked it to direct me to the nearest Subway. And it did. The problem was that the Subway it wanted to direct me to was the one on the expressway and I was on a city street with no (legal) means of getting there! It was more funny than frustrating. Next time I buy a GPS, I'm going to try a different one. I probably would have done so already, but my second TomTom was an emergency buy when the first one met an unfortunate end with my car's shifter and I didn't have time to compare machines. I just went with what I knew. :)
Posted by Crown Jules on 2010-01-03:
In my area there have been two instances in the news in the past couple of weeks of people getting lost and snowbound due to faulty GPS systems or misleading directions (both families survived, BTW). I'm not sure what brand the GPS unit was in each case but the last line of one of the news stories summed everything up quite nicely: use a map. Technology is nice and all but it's not infallible.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-03:
I am a limo driver and bought a GPS from staples on sale called a "Navigon" I did reviews on it and found out it had much more better features that higher end GPSs would have charged more money for. I absolutely love my Navigon. Yeah it freezes up from time to time, and loses signal in cities around big highrises....but overall I love it. Had it over 2 years, paid 100 bucks for it. Woudln't give it up for anything.
Posted by David on 2010-01-04:
I had a Garmin which I really liked a lot but the Tomtom had Canada so I traded it for the Garmin. Its not nearly as user friendly as the Garmin and where I live its constantly telling me to get over to the fast lane. The problem is the 'express lanes' are closed but it always tell me to use them. I too worry that when I Use it where I really need to I'll be lost.

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