Cherry Gal Complaint - Bad Customer Service!

Review by patty6268 on 2010-01-05
I ordered some vegetable seeds from Cherry Gal for stocking stuffers. One of the recipients received a packet of tomato seeds which said "25 seeds" on the label. Inside were 14 seeds. I made an inquiry to Cherry Gal, where I was told that their labels were hand-generated towards the end of the year, the price I paid was actually for 10 seeds, so I "got more than I paid for". Thinking this rude & explaining that the recipient didn't see the website, I was told to "get a grip" and asked "what was going on in my life to make me so angry". I filed a complaint with the BBB, and then received a further email telling me "I hope you're happy". This is completely inappropriate.
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2011-06-04
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-01-05:
Their web site clearly states you are getting 10 seeds. So they are right, you did get more than you paid for and their only error was mislabeling the package they sent you. Their answer was to the point and not rude, you just didn't like the answer and decided to make an issue of it.

And who counts the number of seeds in a gift pack of tomato seeds and complains to the gift giver anyway?
Posted by patty6268 on 2010-01-06:
As I stated in my brief, the gift recipient did not view the website. The seeds were a gift in a stocking. The recipient who wanted them read the label (which stated 25) then noticed the amount inside didn't match. Only then were they counted. The company excellent products; it's not the company that my complaint is with, just the customer service response. Sorry, I DO consider "get a grip" and "what's going on in your life to make you so angry" very rude and not to the point at all.
Posted by S. on 2010-01-06:
I think the comments definitely *were* to the point. How chintzy are the people to whom you give stocking stuffers that they COUNT the seeds in a packet? Next time give them onion seeds.
Posted by patty6268 on 2010-01-06:
Sorry - but if you give someone a gift and almost half of it is missing, they'll notice first without counting. And after reading these comments, I took a step back to look at my own response. Please don't take my word for it - go to Dave's Garden & check out Garden Watchdog. All of the positives about this company have to do with the product, and deservedly so. All of the negatives have to do with deborah's responses to customer complaints; so I guess I'm not the only one she took a shine to. And there's even a positive comment that was changed to a neutral because Dave doesn't allow companies to write positive comments about themselves. :)
Posted by ironduff on 2010-07-22:
I have ordered from CherryGal.com twice this year and have been impressed with how quickly the orders are filled, shipped, and received.

Both times I received my seeds within a week.

On the last order, I had a follow-up question I sent via email, and I received a very courteous and informative reply within the hour.

I am very pleased with this company and recommend them to heirloom seed seekers.
Posted by Hmmm on 2011-06-04:
I bet that the people giving Patty grief are really Cherrygal workers. They did this over on Davesgarden and got busted. I agree with Patty, a mislabeled seed-pack is not cool, and they should have just apologized.

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