Tx Dept of Human Services Complaint - Community Based Alternatives and Food stamps/Medicaid

Review by SickNDrained on 2010-01-09
SHERMAN, TEXAS -- I have had a chronic disease since 1999 and receiving disability. Mulitiple sclerosis makes you have periods of forgetfulness, pain, and in my case, loss of vision. I am enrolled in a program called CBA which provides my in home health care/nurses and home aide. I got really sick with the MS due to getting the flu in November. In December, the doctor finally got authorization to give me the STAT med I needed in Nov. It had some reactions and I was sick the whole month of Dec. Right before Xmas, apparently they decided I needed my yearly review. Now, no caseworker contacted me, just a letter in the mail even though I have a caseworker that is to come to my home. I get a letter that I have ten days to fill out application and provide 25 documents to support the application. Now, in Oct, all this information was just submitted but they can't use THAT information because its a different dept. What do people do when they are sick...this dept is there to keep us out of nursing homes. All, I need is more then 14 days right at Christmas time to get the information around. Why is it, they have 60 days to decide if you are qualified to receive badly needed food stamps but they give a very sick(My doctors will document) blind client two weeks to get their paperwork together. Oh, and their application cannot be done online by my reader program which I am using right now. The whole welfare system in Texas needs to be reworked. Something is very wrong. I can't even get out of bed let alone file out papers and find bank statements, all our doctor expenses etc. Those caseworkers need to be more sensitive to these situations. I certainly can't go down and stand in line when the med they gave me this past month lowers my immunity system. That would be all I need. They say we will be eligible in Nov for food stamps...but I have no energy to go through this process all over again every month. Maybe they hope we die while we are waiting?
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-09:
This is what's going to happen when the gubment takes over your healthcare.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
Amen, Jkt. The fact they are looking to up the age on mammograms (because getting one at 35 isn't needed?) is scary, and that's just one microscopic change on the list of things.
Posted by NurseJennie on 2010-01-12:
It sounds to me, what you are describing is a request from Medicaid to determine continued eligibility. Your caseworker would be the one to complete the CBA reassessment at TMHP's website. CBA is a Medicaid waiver program but you can not be on it without qualifying for Medicaid. CBA generally would not be covering your prescription, it would be Mediciad or the Star+ program you have enrolled in. I just hope it's not Molina.

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