Albee Adventures Complaint - Albee Adventures & Linden Travel / FROSCH Travel Agencies failure

Review by brooklyngal on 2010-01-10
Bottomline: Incompetent and Unprofessional. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Albee Adventures Costa Rica office was subcontracted by Linden Travel / FROSCH in New York City. We were asked what sort of hotels we like and named luxury hotels like The Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. It was made clear we desired luxury and relaxation and allowed the agency free reign to craft a special and memorable trip for our family. The travel agents also knew my father was disabled and in a wheelchair. We hired a travel agency so we could share a relaxing and rare visit together as a family and what we received were 3 out of 5 hotels not up to par with our desired quality. The same three of the five hotels booked were NOT handicapped accessible and one of the hotels booked had one bed in each room even though it was made clear this was a father traveling with three adult children. With price as no obstacle, why were we forced to share beds and put in hotels which were entirely inaccessible so my father then became a prisoner of his room, unable to enjoy the pools, beaches, or even restaurants at the hotels? The agency did not work quickly to resolve our issues, often stating it would be better to call around for other options the following day. If your clients are unhappy, why do you choose not to attempt to resolve immediately? Both agencies lacked communication skills. The experience was very frustrating and it was very clear they had little to no experience with clientele in our price point, in the luxury vacation sector.

We didn't spend this kind of money to spend half the trip googling the hotels ourselves to find out they were going to have a ramp or stares into the building nor spending countless time on the phone with the travel agents who passed blame back and forth and took little to no responsibility and inadequate minimal compensation for the various problems.

These people put very little thought or care into crafting our travel plans other than just booking the most expensive hotels they could find in each city.

I do NOT recommend Albee Adventures or Linden Travel / FROSCH after our trying experiences.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-01-10:
Many places in Costa Rica are not completely handicap accessible. In fact, even huge cities like London have a fraction of of the accessibility we have here due to our laws - these could have been the most accessible rooms in each city. I have seen hotels in other countries that have men on staff to lift wheelchairs with people in them up steps. Its unfortunate that this was not made more clear.

As for sharing beds, most hotels in the Americas only have 2 beds in a room. You should discussed the option of booking 2 rooms at each hotel since money was not an object. It probably would have doubled the price but everyone would have had a bed.
Posted by brooklyngal on 2010-01-11:
We did book two rooms in a hotel. We also again gave these people no budget. There is no reason they should have booked us in a hotel where there was one bed in each of the two rooms when every other hotel we stayed in had two beds in each room.

In response to your first note, there are many parts of the US that are not handicapped accessible. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to call a hotel and ask if they have a ramp or stairs into the hotel, etc. which these travel agencies clearly did not do. The travel agent also later noted that many parts of Costa Rica are not very accessible which is interesting because we weren't married to the idea of Costa Rica -- it was her suggestion!

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