East Side Auto Complaint - Horrible Experience at East Side Auto of Idaho Falls

Review by sharae15 on 2010-01-12
IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO -- In November of 2009 My husband and I were very excited to purchase a new used vehicle. We currently live in a small town in east Idaho, therefore we made the hour and half trip to Idaho Falls in hopes to purchase a reliable 4x4 for the upcoming winter. We ended up at East Side Auto and found what we thought to be a reliable SUV. We paid cash for the vehicle and drove home. We were told that there was a point inspection on the vehicle and it was in tip top shape. With that information we trusted the owners and opted not to have it checked out by a mechanic. With in 1 day of driving the SUV we found that the 4x4 did not work, and the transmission was shot. We contacted Mohamad Sr.(the owner of East Side Auto) with our problem and were told that the vehicle was on consignment and the old owner would pay to have the vehicle worked on. We drove back to Idaho Falls to have the vehicle worked on by the dealer's mechanic, and one week later they called and told us that they ordered the wrong part and it would be an additional week. Sure enough an additional week passed and "the problem was fixed" (or so we thought). We picked the SUV up for the second time and drove home. Within 2 days of driving it the vehicle would not start. We took it to our local mechanic and were told that the previous work done of the vehicle(by East Side auto) was not only shoty but dangerous, with open wires exposed to the air. It also needed a new starter. Worried to take it back we installed the new starter by a REAL professional, then contacted East Side Auto once again, to tell Mohamad Jr. the problem. After 1 hour of insisting that they take the SUV back for repairs of the transmission, they agreed. 1 week later we received a call yet again to tell us the vehicle needed another transmission due to faulty repair work. After 2 weeks of work we picked the SUV up. Within this time, my husband and I were already willing to get rid of this vehicle, and contacted the DMV to located the title. With no surprise we were told that the title had not yet been sent out and that the dealer had 30 days to do so. In fact it had been 45 days already. We spoke to Mohamad Jr., and he lied telling us that the title had been sent, without knowing that we had already contacted the DMV. (It has been over 60 days and we still have not received the title.)
When we brought in the SUV for the second time, there were absolutely no apologies. The owners would not look or even speak to us. We drove the vehicle home, and within 2 days, once again the vehicle would not start. My husband asked me not to contact the dealers, although, out of principle, and lack of better judgment, I did. Keeping my cool, and explaining the problem to Mohamad Jr., I was spoken to with the utmost disrespect. "I can't wait until I am done with you two," he screamed into the phone, along with other nasty words. We insisted that we take it to a transmission specialist or we would contact a lawyer. They agreed and withing 1 hour they had the problem fixed.
The way that my husband and I were treated at East Side Auto by Mohamad Jr. was wrong, disrespectful, and down right mean. My husband and We understand that cars break down, and things happen. We are very understanding people, and always give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. That might have been our problem in the first place. We don't want faulty and dangerous wiring, lying, rude and disrespectful treatment to happen to anyone else. We missed 5 days of work and were out over $1000 dollars, in gas money, car parts and lost wages. We are hoping our story reaches as many people as it can. And may we wish everyone healthy happy car hunting, (just not at East Side Auto, or Best Deal auto Sales, their sister company.)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
"We were told that there was a point inspection on the vehicle and it was in tip top shape. With that information we trusted the owners and opted not to have it checked out by a mechanic."

You already know this was a mistake. Unless your state has a lemon law, you are pretty much on your own. From now on, ALWAYS test drive the auto to a mechanic.

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