Scion Complaint - Scion - I'm done with you.

Review by Sparky on 2010-01-12
So, in a nutshell, the parking brakes on my Scion xD locked up one day and I KNEW the cables were corroded. I took it in to the dealership I bought it from and they ended up telling me they couldn't duplicate the problem.


So of course the parking brakes ended up locking up on me shortly after that and I made another appointment to get them fixed. This time I insisted they replace the parking brakes and I swore up and down that all they needed to do was just that.

So, of course I take it in and they end up NOT replacing the parking brake cables and instead "cleaned off the brake components".


So, as expected, the brakes lock up on me yet again after leaving the dealership so I immediately made an appointment at a different dealership for warranty service, telling them the whole story about the other dealership and that I KNEW that the brake cables needed to be replaced.

So a THIRD TIME, yes a THIRD TRIP to a dealership for simple warranty service, they tell me that yes in fact the driver's side brake cable needs to be replaced - but they need to order the part.


So, in the end I will have made *TWO TRIPS TO ONE DEALERSHIP and TWO TRIPS TO ANOTHER DEALERSHIP* for simple warranty service which amounts to probably a full day of my time between driving there and back and waiting for them to come get me, etc.

A new car is only as good as the warranty, and the service you're going to get from dealerships and I'm afraid something's not right with either Scion (likely) or the Scion dealerships.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
well obviously you were having an intermittant problem. Ive had the same thing happen with an older car of mine. It would sometimes start, and then sometimes wouldnt start, and of course when I took it in for someone to look at, it started up fine....Until it started doing it more frequently. Are you a mechanic? Anyone can walk into the dealershop and say "oh yeah I need a new engine. this one doesnt work right" If the engine starts up fine, do you expect them to change the engine? Im not saying you were lieing, but obvisouly if they dont catch the problem, they are not going to fix it. If I had a heart problem, I wouldnt be going into the doctors office and telling him "I need a new heart" I would tell him what the problem is, and see what he thought the problem WAS.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-12:
Don't be too hasty, now. Scion has an excellent reputation. This may be the last trouble you have with that car for a long time.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-12:
I had a doctor jump on me once about a similar deal. I had pneumonia again, and I told the doctor that. He got torqued and told me not to self-diagnose, to tell him what the symptoms were, and HE would figure out what was wrong. He should have watched House if it had been available. But anyway, he took an hour to tell me I had pneumonia. I told him after having the disease 11 times, I knew what it was from experience.
Posted by Sparky on 2010-07-23:
No, Tennboy, it's nothing like an "intermittent problem." It's a problem that was never taken seriously by my Scion dealer's service dept. And yes, I have been a mechanic, so I know very well what the problem was from the start.

Yeah, Starlord. You got it!
Posted by Pepper on 2010-07-24:
been 6 months now... is it fixed yet?

which reminds me whatever happened to tennboy... haven't seen him around in quite a while
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-24:
PE, Tennboy's account is gone.

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