City Bank London Complaint - Your Bank's Name Might Be Involved In A Scam

Review by skdljfskdljfaskdl on 2010-01-14

I am a ZAR member that apparently won a Nokia Fifa Comp via my cellphone.

Initially I received an sms to my phone to respond to a e-mail address.

I then got a proof of transfer from [snip], that the money has been transferred to my ZAR account. I had to wait 3 business day for the money to reflect in my acc. On that day I received anther e-mail stating that
I have to pay an amount of GB 983 Pounds for tax clearance into bank acc: [snip] ....

I think I am being scammed and want you to know that so you can investigate the employees if the are employed there and if not, then an outsider is abusing your Company and name.

My ZAR cell nr: +27 72 3588692

Miss S Hough
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-14:
"so you can investigate the employees if the are employed there and if not, then an outsider is abusing your Company and name."

It may not necessarily be an employee.

It's not unusual for someone to have access to a bank's account number and use it to scam people. That's how scammers make their money, by using legit banks, legit account numbers, but the check is fake because the actual makers or business did not make the check.
There was this gentlemen who was selling antiques on Craigslist and he brought in a check, from someone who he was in negotiations with to receive his antiques. Turns out the account was legit, just the check was bad. The check was made by a person but the account was actually Wendy's Payroll. What would Wendy's payroll want with $3,900 dollars worth of antiques. It's not hard to forge all that info onto checks provided by any office supply stores, and have happy little fun time. When you come across tellers that aren't paying attention and doing what they're supposed to be doing when cashing checks by a non customer, that's how fraudsters stay in business.
Might want to either call this bank or, if there's one near you, go into the branch and let them know that fraudulent transactions are floating around out there by someone with access to an account. Nip it in the bud at the source.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-01-14:
this sounds exactly like a scam
and most likely the people running it were not associated with the bank

file a police report, contact the bank to get your information changed,
and contact the big 3 credit reporting companies for assistance

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