Sensory Sound DJ Complaint - Horrible - They Took My Money and Ran - No Service - No Response

Review by Georgia638 on 2010-01-17
I paid in full for a Videographer to video tape my wedding. The videographer showed up and taped the wedding and reception. Then a month after the wedding I had not heard anything so I started calling A Sensory Sound to find out about the status of my two DVDs.
They put me into the voice mail of a person named "Jeremy" who never returned my phone calls. I repeated this effort 10 times. Jeremy never returned one phone call. I then started calling the sales line to request to speak to a supervisor. I was promised multiple times that a manager would return my phone call. No one ever did.

After another month I was contacted by the videographer who said that no one ever paid him for the work he did, so he still has the raw footage. So, he suggested I try to get my money refunded.

I called the company again and relayed this to them, and they still promised me that someone would call me back, but no one ever has.

So, they have my money - they didn't pay the person they hired to do my video, left him out in the cold and left me out in the cold. The worst thing about this is - it's my wedding memories....I can't go to another store and get them back. These people are heartless thieves. Do NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!
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Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-17:
If this is the case, small claims court or lawyer up IMMEDIATELY! The most important thing is to get your video! Try to set up an appointment with the videographer that was consigned just to see any of the raw footage to make sure it still exists.

Did you check your references on this company before doing business?
A quick search on companies bearing that name, comes up with multiple complaints including one right here on 3cents.

Lastly, I hope you have a signed legal contract?
Congratulations, Good Luck, I hope you get your video.
Posted by let me see? on 2010-01-17:
What ndrulez says. Go immediately to small claims court. Forget calling any more, if it was reputable business they would have called you back after the 5 calls. Not your problem they didn't pay the photographer, you paid them and you want your money back. Be at Small Claims at 8am on Tuesday. They will no doubt contact you after they get served. Do not talk with them, say I will see you in court. Sue for your money, your time, and what ever else you can throw in. The worst that can happen the judge will change the amount, you have a great case if you have documented everything. Make notes of dates times of phone calls etc. Good Luck.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-01-17:
I would contact the videographer immediately and pay him directly to finish the videos and turn them over to you. Assuming you have proof that you paid Sensory Sound, you can always sue them to get your money back. In the meantime at least you'll have the videos in your possession. I wouldn't wait till this gets sorted out. There's a risk that you will never get to see the videos if you don't act on this now.

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