Endocrine Associates of Central Florida Complaint - Unprofessional Service

Review by aharhalos on 2001-08-10
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was referred to this specialist for my daughter's condition. She was given an adrenal ultrasound and a mass was found on her adrenal gland. Two tests were ordered. One is a blood test with a baseline given then an injection of ACTH and a second blood test to be given one hour after the injection. My primary provider doctor's office said they could not give this injection. They refused because of state licensing concerns (that was their excuse). Dr Mandrys' office refused to give the injection and gave several excuses, one of which was that having an HMO (Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Options of Florida) the HMO would not authorize them to give the injection (the HMO says this is not true), the other was that because of the time frame for the blood tests and the injection it would be impossible for them to do the injection. I called Health Options and they promised to talk to both doctors' offices about the problem and have them call me back with a resolution. It has been over a week since that call was made. I have called my insurance company back and still have not heard anything. I have left messages at both doctors' offices and still have not heard from either of them. I called Dr Mandry's office this morning and they said the nurse hasn't spoken to the doctor yet but that she will and she will call me back. I had to ask if it would be today and they said yes it would be today. I believe Dr. Mandrys' office has shown a lack of professionalism in this incident. They seem to have no concern or compassion for their patient's health, only a concern for what is most convenient for their office and personnel. I found it upsetting that their first concern on our visit to their office that the first thing they asked for was the co-payment.

I believe Health Options should give me a new specialist to take my daughter to and that they should refuse payment to the specialist we saw because of not providing adequate care. I think they should take that doctors office off the provider list. I would like a refund of the twenty-five dollar office visit co-payment.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-08-27:
This is an update. After receiving this letter the doctors office mentioned above sent me a letter saying they would no longer be able to treat my daughter. They did help to complete the blood test but the nurse mentioned in the last letter was 65 minutes late for the appointment and did not use an alcohol swab to clean the area before administering the injection and did not use a cotton ball after administering the injection for blood residue. I would not recommend anyone use this practice at any time for any problem.

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