Low Price Auto Sales Complaint - Knowingly sold me a lemon and laughed in my face when I asked him to keep our verbal contract, and maybe his word...

Review by mzanderson9 on 2010-01-22
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I purchased a car from this dealership, from [snip]. [snip] promised me that this car was NEVER in an accident, was mechanically sound, and would I purchased a car from this dealership, from [snip], who claims ownership of this business. [snip] assured me that my car was mechanically sound, was never in an accident, and that it would pass emissions. He also said that he had a shop and if I had any problems AT ALL with in 30 days, he would have his shop take care of it. I realized the next morning when I drove to the DMV that the car had some problems, and that [snip] wrote that I paid $3000.00 when I actually paid $4300.00! I took the car to get the oil changed, and had it looked at. I was told there are a lot of problems with my car. First of all, it WAS in an accident. I need an alignment so bad my tire is about to pop. When the engine shifted in the accident it was in the timing belt and the pulley it is on got messed up and need to be replaced. I am at high risk of breaking down if I try to drive with my car in this condition. My high beams won't turn on, and several fuses missing. I called [snip], went to his office, and left an abundance of messages on his voice mail, and with his staff. [snip] didn't return my calls, and when I was at his office looking for him, no one was in the office, but the door was open, and all of my personal information including my drivers license, was left sitting out on the desk in the open, for anyone to see. I walked out of the office but noticed that someone was in the shop area of the office, an area through a door connecting the two spaces. I went to the office again and had been locked out. The employee saw me, recognized that I bought this car and looked very uncomfortable. I went back to this office two days after I bought the car and demanded to speak to [snip] and threatened hiring an attorney. He laughed in my face, told me the contract I signed says I can do nothing about it, he knew it was badly damaged, thought it was funny, didn't care less, and told me he hoped I spend all my money on an attorney because he has the highest paid attorneys in town. He continued to smirk at me, and when I said "hey, you entered into a verbal contract with me to be responsible for repairs I needed on this car for up to 30 days" he told me nope, car is as is. I explained that he had said differently when he sold me the car, he said here is your title to your piece of junk, and another man told me to get out of their office. I found that appalling. He told the person I was with "that car is messed up, it is going to break down, there are so many things wrong with that car, I hope she has to spend all of her money fixing it. I got robbed! Please help me.
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Posted by let me see? on 2010-01-23:
Yes they did sell you a car knowing it was a lemon. But they did so with your permission. Used cars are sold "As Is" unless you have it in writing. They can promise you the moon but unless it is written down, you lose. And explain to us why you had the car looked at by mechanic AFTER you paid for it? By all means hire a lawyer, they will gladly take your money for a case you will never win. Someone somewhere once said "read it before you sign" you didn't read it and can't believe that a USED car salesman will not keep his word, what rock have you been under?
Posted by David on 2010-01-23:
as above, you need to inspect the car before not after. Running a simple carfax online would have advised you of any major collisions. I'm afraid your sol.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-23:
Very Helpful...A clear, well written description of what you should NOT do.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-01-23:
I am not sure if this applies in the state you are in but in some states, if the vehicle does not pass state inspection you would be entitled to a full refund regardless of what the contract states.

I suggest contacting them:
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-23:
With the exception of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, used cars are sold on an 'As Is' basis. As Yogi Berra or Casey Stengel once noted, "A verbal contract ain't worth the paper it's written on." there is a concept called the four corners rule. If it is not within the four corners of the contract, it doesn't exist. I am sorry you had to deal with an outfit that displayed the worst examples of the guys in the paid sports coats, but it was a valuable, if expensive, learning lesson. Demand a Carfax, and make sure that any promises or representations made are in writing in the contract. In your case, sadly, it's your word against his.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-23:
The OP may want to peruse this publication before attempting another purchase

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-23:
wow Star, we had to take a slam just because this wouldn't have been legal here? It we allowed it would we look better to you?
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-23:
Ken, sorry about that. It was only noting that Mass,is the only state I am aware of that doesn't allow used car dealers to sell junk under the As Is listing. The slam is due to the politicians that run your state. I hated to see Teddy Kennedy pass away, but to make law-abiding citizens suffer because his brothers were killed with guns is so wrong. I have hear the PROM used by others, and it is aimed at some of the draconian laws in the state. The people of Mass. are good people, but you really have voted in some real winners. Glad to see Mr. Brown win Teddy's old seat. If I were buying a used car, I would rather do it there than here.

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