Vavoline Oil Change Complaint - Poor Customer Care

Review by NICEGUY523 on 2010-01-24
ROWLETT, TEXAS -- I went to the Rowlett TEXAS STORE AT 633 DALROCK ROAD location at 04:55 pm 01/24/2009. There were 5 guys standing around chatting and having fun. I try to give business to my local business places. The guy asked what I needed and I stated a 30 weight oil change; He RUDELY said THAT IS OK BUT WE CLOSE IN TWO MINUTES; I STATED THAT I CAN COME BACK a different time and the guy quickly responed; THATS UP TO YOU. I drove off and I tell you that I will never set foot in a Vavoline station or buy any other vavoline produce ever again. This place often has no business and to talk to a customer like they are trash ==believe me; we the customer rule. I will take my business back to the penzoil station in Dallas and again will never buy a Vavoline product again
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Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-24:
Since they're a walk-up store and not an appointment store, they should have given you service because you WAS in before 5pm. Sounds like you was greeted by the grease monkies and not the manager. I would go there tomorrow and talk with the manager.
Posted by Skye on 2010-01-24:
They could of treated you better, but why go so close to closing time?? Do you really want them to rush an oil change, which I know only takes about 15 minutes, but still, you know how they could accidentally short you a couple of quarts of oil.

You got there at 4:55, they close at 5pm. Did you really expect them to do the oil change?
Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-24:
These companies take walk-ups till 5pm. They are not worried about staying after 5. That is the cost of doing business in that scenario. I personally don't go at 4:55 but nonetheless...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
The situation could have been handled much better but you are going to swear off of all Valvoline products and services due to one incident? Did you let management know your concerns? This should have never happened but you should give them the chance to make it right.
Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-24:
I agree, Give them a chance. Definitely could have been handled better. They put the OP on the spot where he didn't know how to respond. OP said the first thing that came to mind which was a well mannered, polite "I can come back..." when he should have just been serviced. He was out the door and down the street before he realized he just got dissed. Employees are well aware of the policies when they are hired. If they want the last car in at a quarter til, then that should be posted.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-01-24:
personally i think if you want good service go in when the mechanics will have enough time to properly service your car.

yes an oil change MAY only take a few minutes - if there's nothing else wrong with your car. However there's also a chance they may discover something wrong which can take more time.

the last time i had my car in for anything it was a state inspection - and i went to valvoline .

i arrived early in the morning with my brother in law (he was getting his car inspected too). since i had about 30 minutes before my inspection i went out and joined my BIL in chipping the ice off of the cars. He explained that when it melts it will drip on the mechanics, so chipping the ice of first is pretty much being kind to them etc.

my inspection itself took oh... maybe 20 minutes? if anything it was very good. And they even had me in the system before, because my boyfriend took the car in for an oil change once.

basically... treat people with the same kindness and respect that you yourself want to get back.
Posted by ndrulez on 2010-01-24:
I think quality is job 1. I imagine if you go in that late for an oil change and they find a bad belt etc. in the inspection, they would probably schedule that replacement for another day! They do have to have a cut off as to when you can come in though and unless otherwise posted for them that is 4:59 and 59 seconds!!! It's a cruddy deal for the help but it is what it is and you never turn a customer away.

Where I come from the state does the inspection. (Emissions only)
Posted by E1D8 on 2010-10-04:
Either you have the shortest fuse in the world, or something isn't completely accurate with this 'story line'. "That is OK but we close in 2 minutes" doesn't sound rude to me, but then again I wasn't there, right? Also, who goes and gets an oil change minutes before they close? In a couple of instances where I've gone, I was in a line and 1 of 2 things happened, the guys came out of the garage to give me an option to wait, or scheduled me into an appointment for the following day (and yes, even though they are a drive up service, they still make appointments given these circumstances. Another instance was when I needed an inspection done, they had no more stickers on-hand and were waiting for more to be shipped in, so I made an appointment for the next day after they said UPS would be there with the stickers. Sure enough they were and I had everything done that needed to be. I don't see how 1 individual could be so naive and say "I will never buy another Valvoline product again". There is an order of operation to proper customer service... you can't think that YOU, being the customer, are all that great if you don't even give people a chance. You're not the all-powerful you know, there are others in the world...
Posted by yoke on 2010-10-04:
IMO the OP was rude going to a place 5 minutes before closing and expecting them to do the work. Maybe the employees are not allowed to stay past 5, they may not get paid for it.

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