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Review by subeee on 2010-01-26
I have rented house from VRBO for the past 5 years at least once a year. This year 2009 we rented from this VRBO listing 79430 (I think it is also called as www.momslakehouse.com) . The worst experience in my vacation life. The owner is very picky about the chairs miss-placed and carpets moved around. Once you are done with your vacation be ready to get a call from the owner saying that chairs were not in place, Dishes were not arranged as it was before and blah blah blah.. and after 3 days .. expect a mail from them that they will be charging from the security deposit for all the changes/damages. One example is I was threatened to be charged for a dresser because my kid stick a GUM on it. After a month I got my security deposit with 250$ deducted for all minor stuff including cleaning which was already paid by us. Note: VRBO is not new for me. I have stayed in other VRBOs, But never had any issues like this. . So I advise you to choose the one that has online review in the VRBO not the one like this which do not have reviews enabled for their listing.

About The house: Old house. Just one floor. Crampy bedrooms. Not good air condition, because of which I was not able sleep 1 night out of 3. Not well maintained. No ventilation on some Restrooms.
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Posted by Mike Ernzen on 2013-05-01:
I am the owner of this vacation home. Am a retired military officer. Have been renting out this home at Lake Gaston since 2005. I keep a guest book with reviews by the rentors in the home that I am more than willing to share with anyone. Our website speaks for itself on how well maintained the home is with all the pictures you can find there. This set of rentors left the house such a mess our cleaning team called us to report it. They violated their contract in numerous ways that would have allowed us to sue or have them evicted if we had known what was going on. When we called to talk with them about what we found all we got was "none of the mess was theirs, they were not responsible"... they left the entire weeks worth of garbage inside the house which they first denied and then later told us there was no way they were hauling the trash to the dump in their new Mercedes (the Lake does not have trash pickup which was stated in the contract and that there would be a charge to remove it if it was left after they checked out). We did talk to them about the furniture since the indoor furniture was left out on the lawn, items for use on the deck were used and left in the house like the Tiki Torches (a fire hazard). They brought 18 people to the house altho the contract was for no more than 15 and we have the pictures they left on our wall of rentors pictures to prove it. There were numerous items that were broken inside and outside the house from parts of the hot tub to athletic gear we provide for our guests, and other items that were missing like pillows and other linen. We charged them only for those items that the contract says we will charge for after their check out inspection is completed if we find damages etc. to be excessive. Those charges actually came to 221.70. We did not even include the additional cleaning that was required and we were charged for or the damages that were found after the next rentors moved in which we had missed in our inspection. We later learned that this group had left other homes in much the same shape and have been placed on an informal 'do not rent to' list that exists between many of the owners of rental properties at the lake. We would be more than willing to speak with any prospective rentors about this review, share with you all our other glowing reviews from over the years (we do not place them on the web since we know how easy those can be manipulated so we leave them in the house in their own handwriting as proof). You are more than welcome to come check out our place before you come, speak with the neighbors, or call any of our previous guests, most of which have given us permission to pass out their names.

vr, Mike and Debbie

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