jack in the box resturant Complaint - pannido sandwich

Review by Anonymous on 2004-09-16
EDINBURG, VIRGINIA -- I had picked up the deli tri pannido sandwich for my husband for lunch and he told me that he was not impressed with it and for what i paid for it it was a rip off. the commercial on tv makes it look really good and that is why i thought i would pick him up one for lunch and take it to him. He said that it was a very small sandwich and he cut it in half and to gether it was the size of a regular hotdog,on the inside he said it had only 3 tiny dill pickles, 3 strips of meat and 2 small pieces of cheese, then the meat on the out side that it was rolled in were very small. His fellow employees were not impressed with the way it looked either. if the commercials show it to be put together one way why is it done different at the resturants, the commercials are what make people go try the food in the first place. Also the commercials advertise a tool box lunch for men and they did not even have that so is it for real or just a gimmick to get people to go to the resturant. I have never been much of a fan for the jack in the boxes anyway and after this i guess i never will be. My husband told me the next time i wanted to spend that much on a sandwich go to Subway.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-16:
I am sure some people like the sandwich, they are sure selling alone. People have different tastes.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2004-09-16:
An experienced advocate for Jack in the Box would be Dr. Jeecherico....After his bottle of tequila and those lusty women in Mexico that he speaks highly of...I am sure he would be happy to offer his advice.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-16:
Yeah, where's dr. screecheroo when we need him most? Guess he and Pixie are boozing it up a the local cantina.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-16:
And if you want to know anything about tool box combos, ask hiddenagenda!
Posted by N. on 2004-09-16:
Why the hell would anyone buy a deli sub from Jack In The Box when the only thing good there I heard was their deep fried tacos? Although this whole fast food chain of awesomeness must only be a figment of my imagination because I have yet to see one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-16:
Dr.....thoes deep fried tacos are awsome
Posted by mad on 2004-09-16:
I try to stay away from Jack in the Crack after I heard the feds were investigating them because they were using canned dog food for taco meat.
Posted by N. on 2004-09-16:
Doesn't matter if they were using s*** for taco meat; if it's deep fried, then it's good. I wonder what the guy who bought the orange juice I peed in at Winn-Dixie thought about the taste.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2004-09-17:
After you peed in the OJ did you cut off your arm to spite your face?
Posted by Unsatisfied on 2004-09-17:
Oh I forgot ... EVERYTHING you see on TV is TRUE. Therefore this customer's complaint is entirely valid.. NOT
Posted by N. on 2004-09-17:
Yes, I did see that President Bush has a higher favorable raiting than Kerry right now "on TV". Hell, my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker mysteriously disappeared. Maybe I should spraypaint grafiti on every Bush supporter's house and feed their children to alligators.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-09-20:
Really in Texas we always call Jack in the Box = Jack in the Crack or Jack in the Crackim. Really poor food and reviews here. If you want a good hotdog go to James Coney Island. http://www.jamesconeyisland.com
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-09-20:
Mad the canned dog food thing was Taco Bell.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-20:
Hate to disagree with ya, but it was jack in the crack years ago. I think it's called an URBAN LEGEND and probably ever fast food place as had similar LEGENDS.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-20:
Dr. ChiChiroo, what do ya think the guacomole is made from?
Posted by N. on 2004-09-21:
your dad's anus
Posted by mad on 2004-09-21:
Come on ChiChiroo; you know it comes from syphilis-infested weiner. Take a look at my post an killing animals for fur. That might help you understand why you have chichis and why your huevos are getting smaller.
Posted by N. on 2004-09-21:
Well mad, you sure do have the mind of an animal. Maybe I should shoot you for fur.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-22:
Dr Jee.....ROFL... that was a good one
Posted by mad on 2004-09-22:
Sorry, dr. chichi, although I have very long, very thick, naturally curly, unlike the women your used to, I don't have it all over my lower back, arms, and legs.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-22:
I wouldn't laugh too soon typhoid Mary bell. You should read some of the shots he's taken at you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-26:
Mad.......what Doctor Jee said was funny, I sure you laugh at the insults made about me.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-27:
Acutally, Maribell I laugh a lot at the insults hurled at me and everyone else. Dr. Jacko's comment, though, just wasn't funny. It was stupid. I don't, however, run and cry to administration about any of it; nor do I cry and whine about.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-09-28:
Well, mad, I was fine with it all until Sanford, abused the voting, That I did not like...before that I had no problem. I don't think sitting and insulting people is fun, that is why I think you people should Stay on the community board, it was set up so you can insult each other all day and night and the rest of us don't have to read it.
Posted by mad on 2004-09-29:
oh good lord Maribell. First of all, you're 100% sure that sanford is the one jacking with the voting system. Second of all, I never read your posts, but from what I understand, you've been dishing out as many insults as anyone. Third, go back and CAREFULLY read the previous posts on this review and tell me if you've offered any type of help, other than your opinion, "some people have different tastes", big deal Maribel; who cares. As far as the insult blog goes, you sure make it point to pop in and see what's going on, so you'll have more to complain about. NAG, NAG, NAG. You making yourself a target Maribel. Why don't you just wear a t-shirt with a giant bull's eye on it?
Posted by mad on 2004-09-29:
Here's what I think Maribel; I think you should just stay off this site completely. If I hear, "This is what I think ..." from you one more time, I'm gonna throw up!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Aember24 on 2004-09-29:
Maribell: You People? What exactly is that supposde to mean? It sounds to me like someone needs to shut up and quit telling US people where to go and what to say ...Like I have told you before ms high and mighty I already had a mother and I don't need another one. Can't you like adopt a pet or something for goodness sake
Posted by Zakk on 2004-10-06:
Your husband's co-workers were not impressed with his lunch? Is your husband eating lunch or spending his half-hour playing show and tell with what you were kind enough to take him?
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-11-08:
Zakk, I agree, I was thinking the same thing. My better half could care less if I brought peanut butter and crakers. The though that I brought lunch is what counts. And if it costs so much at JITB for a sandwich, pack one at home. I have to admit, I do like the tacos though. I think it's soy meal.
Posted by N. on 2004-11-09:
The tacos are only good because they're deep fried.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-24:
You're eating at Jack in the Box!!! Not Little Italy. Considering you two are SO impressed with Subway and let commercials influence your diets make sure you keep some GOOD health care.

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