Koons of Fredricksburg Complaint - 2006 Ford Fusion Issues

Review by waters on 2010-01-27
FRDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I have been having problems with my car since I brought on December 26, 2009. The worse customer service I have ever seen. I have had problems with my finder, rear mirrors, and so much more. It was a mess, I have sent emails, phone calls and more.

The air bag light stays on in the morning only, and goes off in the evenings. Now I did go on line and retrieved a owners manual it says as I quote on page 116 of the manual: In case there is a problem with the front passenger sensing system, the airbag readiness light in the instruments cluster will stay lit.

The front in- such as the driver side door, and fender keeps knocking up against one another into the car, that should not be happening. I really think this car was in a accident, and not report to car fax.

The front IN just shacks when I am driving, Koons did a front end alignment, and it still isn't right.

Driver side Mirror is broken

No spare tire
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Posted by warddw1526 on 2010-01-27:
I am assuming that when you say the "front in", you mean the front end?

Instead of calling and e-mailing them, take it in to them.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-01-27:
It sounds like the car was wrecked and poorly repaired if the fender is actually moving around.

Did you test drive the car prior to purchase? Did you not notice the shaking, fender moving, airbag light? Or did these problems occur after you bought the car?

The obvious things you missed prior to purchase would be a broken mirror and missing spare tire. I would not by a car with broken/missing equipment.
Posted by waters on 2010-01-28:
Warddw1536- Yes Front end, typo. Yes you are right. I have been by the dealer 12 times. Over and over again, time and time again. Then I started emailing, just to have documentation. Just in case I end up going to court.

I look at a lot court shows, and verbal agreements are ok, but having it on paper is another. Its all about Customer Service from the jump.
Posted by waters on 2010-01-28:
redmx3racer- I understand your point, but I did not realize it until after I brought the car, something deep down inside said no. But I did not listen my fault. I brought the car doing the day of the 26 of December, and the airbag light was not on, I test drove car. I wished I was allowed to keep the car for a week, and then decided if I wanted it or not. But that is not the case.

Drive a 1992 Toyota Camry,and a 2006 Ford Fusion it drove differently, and it was comfortable at the time. Until a three weeks after I brought the car, I started to noticing issues with it. I went back to the dealer with a list of stuff of stuff, they promised to fix it. So I let it go, as time went on. The customer service seems to get worse and worse, no communication with customers, no responds. So I started dropping by.

To be honest, I was not thinking about making sure the mirrors worked, they called themselves fixing the airbag light. It went off for a week, and now its back on.

Yes, it was a bad choice on my part, but a spare tire you can replace, and the fender can be painted, they just refuse to do that unless I pay 50% and they pay 50%, that should not be if I am riding on 30 day tags, with an extended warranty. Once you sing your name on the dotted line its over.

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