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Review by imlinked on 2004-09-17
CENTREVILLE, VIRGINIA -- There's an online gaming/anime store called "eStarland." I should've known from the title alone that this store would be a problem...

I ordered on August 30th... they shipped it on September 16th... it took them 17 days! 2 WEEKS AND A HALF to process my order.

Their customer support is really something. Over the course of 2 weeks, I have felt nothing but utter contempt for them.

At first glance, eStarland.com looks like a reasonable site... although their name sounds a bit questionable. However, the problem comes in right after you try to reach their customer support...

I asked them to input my new address into their system... they NEVER updated my information.

I talked to a guy named Travis on their online chat support. I ask him a question and he ignores me. I ended up asking him the same exact question, with the same exact wordings THREE times until I got an answer. When I did get an answer, he'd say something different then what he originally said. For example, he said my order was shipped 5 days ago in the very beginning of the conversation. Later he says it was shipped /yesterday/.

When I called eStarland and asked for their manager, the manager gave me this lame excuse... saying "we couldn't find any logs of your conversation about a new address verification... we've been having trouble with our system." I almost feel they do this on PURPOSE, ~just to get under your skin. What's funny is that... they even had an option after every chat support, a place where you input your e-mail, and they send you a log of the conversation to your address. I did that, after EVERY chat session... I never received ONE log file in my e-mail inbox folder. (Eliminate any proof? so they can blame it on system failure?)

Finally, I got so fed up with their service, I asked them to cancel my order. However, even THIS they couldn't do properly. The manager said he'd "look" into the problem and contact me. The very next day my order was shipped. SHIPPED! He completely ignored my cancellation request and SHIPPED the product!

My final attempt to reach them was on live chat support (i really should've phoned and gave them hell... but i'd rather save the minutes on my cell...) this guy... "Travis" came on again; I gave him my order ID and asked him what's going on. Just like AIM or MSN Messenger, it shows when the guy is typing. It continuously displayed "Travis is now typing..." message for 10 minutes STRAIGHT (and I'm not kidding... there was an actual timer, and it went a full 10 minutes with not one reply.) My blood went into a boil and I ended up closing the chat session -.-;;

That was my experience with them. If you want to spend 2 weeks for them to PROCESS your product... with LOUSY customer support, NEVER replying to your e-mails on tech support, have incompetent people on their tech support team, and completely ignores your requests for cancellation... then go purchase from eStarland. If not, I really recommend that you pinch your nose, turn your head the other way around, and walk 180 degrees AWAY from this company.
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Posted by BlueOX on 2004-09-18:
Thank you for your feedback. However we feel that some important details have been left out of this review.

8/30/2004: Order received (Custom-made Joystick. Processing time required: usually 5 days as it was stated on our product page)

8/30/2004: Contacted customer for shipping address verification and we were told that there will be 4-5 days of delay in updating his address with his credit card company. He agreed that he would wait until then. We suggested him to contact us as soon as his information updated.

9/1-9/7/2004: Tried to contact customer by phone to verify address changes but was unreachable

9/8/2004: Contacted customer and verified his address change and we started processing his order.

9/9/2004: The order was transferred to the manufacturer to be custom made.

9/13/2004: When it was in its final stage of production we sent an email telling the customer when it would ship (Estimated shipping date: 9/15/04).

9/14/2004: Customer sent us an email asking to cancel his order. Since the joystick was already finished and a custom made product we could not cancel it and we told him this over the phone.

9/15/2004: The product was shipped to the customer.

9/16/2004: Customer received product. The shipping method he chose was 2-7 days (regular delivery).

It took us 8 days to complete his order including weekends and delivery time once we were able to authorize his card. We tried our best to process this order in a timely manner and delivered the product as it was originally requested.
Posted by cowboyup0502 on 2004-09-23:
Two weeks for a custom made joy stick is very reasonable. I'm surprised you got it that fast. Ur complaint isn't a valid one. First you said that Travis ignored you three times then you said he gave you three different answers. Doesn't sound like he was ignoring you. How do you know he wasn't looking something up? By your rules he would have to answer within a second for you to be satisfied. Sounds like you were to inpatient on every aspect of your situation. You need to chill out.

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