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Review by Tally on 2010-02-06
I have never received service and do not have any phones or equipment but $220.99 was charged to my credit card and Tmoble has no record of the charge so they refuse to give me a refund also they refuse to give me service..and it gets better..they refused to cancell my account since the day I received the phones till almost a month later. I literally called Tmobles customer service everyday from Oct 22 2009 till Nov 12 2009 when they finally credited my credit card in full as they legally should have. On Nov 25 2009 I was surprised to find my card was rebilled for the full amount and Tmoble again had no record of rebilling me, they told me they did not rebill me...the retail store I returned the equipment to did. Tmoble customer service says they are not responsible for there employees and yes they are actual Tmoble employees, I checked. I was promised a refund as of last week but received a bill crediting my non exsistant account with Tmoble. I just got off the phone with them and was told my refund is denied and there is nothing more I can do to get my money back or even phones or service in exchange for the money they stole. Can anyone tell me if I can sue them and would I really need a lawyer?

Its cut and dry plain and simple from minute one they are in the wrong and I have proof of everything. I recorded all the call I made to customer service as well as all the documentation in receipts etc.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-02-07:
Since you paid for this with a credit card, put the charges into dispute with your credit card company. This will force TMobile to provide proof of the validity of these charges or they will be removed.

Make sure you have all your info - every call you made, who you talked to, etc. The more info you have the better your results are likely to be. Good luck.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-07:
I concur with Hugh. Call and dispute the charge. Did you bother calling or visiting the store you returned the items to? Your best bet is to personally go back to the store and ask them why they charged your credit card, since the customers service line told you the store billed you. Go there and politely demand a refund.
Posted by NanS123 on 2010-02-07:
Let me see if I have this straight by trying to piece this all together: You went to a store, opened an acct and got new phones, and paid for the phones in the store? If that's the case, your acct was not billed since you paid in-store, therefore, there would be no billing info recorded with customer care since you didn't bill phones to your acct. which is why they couldn't see the charges. So then, you returned the phones and cancelled the acct, only the dealer didn't cancel the acct or refund you for the equipment?

Why didn't you get the dealer to do a refund for your equipment at the time you returned them?

If I have this right, you will need to take your paperwork (receipts) back to where you purchased and returned the phones and talk to the manager. It is that stores responsibility to process your refund and, not to mention, call in and have your acct properly cancelled because if customer care can't confirm the phones were returned they can't cancel the acct. (for obvious reasons), but I'm glad you did finally get that taken care of.

As other have said, you have the option to dispute the charge with your bank, but ultimately, it's the place you initially set up the acct and phones with to make this right for you.

It sounds like someone at that store didn't do their job properly and now you have met up with this mess. They were probably more worried about their commission than taking care of the customer.

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