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Review by mcl2009 on 2010-02-09
Have to add my 3 cents, I currently have 4 totally disfunctional Unidens, one went dead on me last night, we thought it was the battery, this morning all four phones dead, no incoming/ outgoing, tried resetting, tried new battery anyway, tried to call customer service from other line, endless cycle of "Your call is important to us...", war of attrition which they won because I had to go somewhere else, got back home with just 5 minutes before supposedly their customer svc no. shut down for the night and of course it was already not taking calls.... threw one of the Unidens on the floor, alas that did no good either. Tomorrow I am getting good oldfashioned AT&T phones like the ones that we once had wired into the wall, and which worked no matter what! May also see if placing Unidens under front tires of car and rolling on them improves matters :)
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Posted by ndrulez on 2010-02-09:
My kids would NEVER put the phones back on the chargers. Actually lost one. Now we have one house phone with a 3 foot cord!! Till the kids are out of the house permanatly that is...

Oh yeah, the Uniden phones are tiny and junky.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-02-09:
random idea but ... do you have any regular land line phones? Are they plugged in?

Just wondering because last year that happened to mom & dad. The cordless phones all seemed to "go dead" and couldn't call out. Anyone trying to call in got a busy signal.

They eventually figured it out with the help of a tech (via their cell phone).

They had one corded phone and it must have been damaged from a shock (bad storm that day). Once they unplugged the phone from the wall, the cordless phones all started working again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-09:
I had the same problem with my Uniden phones today. Turns out, the problem wasn't the phones. I have phone, cable, and net through Comcast. Just needed to reset my modem (took about 30 seconds) and the problem was solved. I actually used their online chat feature to figure this out - great service. Next time this happens, I know exactly what to look for and how to fix it, assuming it is the same problem.

Don't know if this applicable to you, though.
Posted by Inat on 2010-02-10:
a lot of the new fancey cordless phones are kinda junky and should be considered 'disposable'. I payed a lot for some vtech phones (nice styling) but they ended up beign garbage. Now I buy the cheapest ones I can get so I can just toss them when they stop functioning properly. As someoen else stated, if you have a vonage or cable based phone service, it is usually the modem causing hte problem if ALL phones go out. Its always a good idea to have at least one corded phone in your home, specifially for power outages

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