Norfolk Financial Services Complaint - This Is A Rip-Off / Adds Charges To Closed Account With Other Companies Debts

Review by HoneyCake on 2010-02-10
P. O. BOX 320579, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This company is over charging me for a credit card bill referred to them. To collect. I only had a limit of $200. I charged only about $150.00 barely. I closed the credit card account with the that approved me this company overcharged me. I PAID MORE than I EVEN CHARGED or could charge. IT became so outrageous that I could never pay it off. I got to the point that I COULD NOT meet payments and I knew that I WAS BEING RIPPED OFF. Now the account was somehow sent in hands of this company that is adding more charges. I do not owe this company anything. And are suppose to be collecting only what was left on that prior debt for the other company, but since then they are charging me exactly$3,040.94 for A credit card that was a $200.00 limit and I charged $150.00 only. So I know they are adding more fees.

I attempted to pay $200.00 but even though I knew I paid more on this card while making monthly payments. Then I contacted them and offered to end this harassment then they refused and the personal was rude about it. Like owed them this amount over $3,000.00. I did owe $150.00 to the company I had the credit card approved with. A little over $150.00 is what I charged but the credit card was approved for only $200.00.

So I cannot afford to pay $3,000 and I feel I should not be forced to pay that amount that I did not even charge or owe. This is a rip-off. This company acted like the other company gave them the account with a debt of this amount when I know that can not be true. Because since I closed this credit card account this company has charged a $1000.00 a year. This is not right. I was trying to improve my credit but the credit card company and Norfolk Financial Services are rip-off's. I will not want anyone to deal with these companies. They seem to be working together. Now I do not know how to fix this problem or have fair shot. I would like to settle for only what I owe not a scam. Do not deal with credit cards or this company. If you do be very careful it looks like they harm your credit more than help improve it.

Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-02-10
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-10:
This is exactly why bills should be paid when they are due.
Posted by BEJ on 2010-02-10:
Didn't you already post this same tale under the heading of Chase?
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-10:
Clearly they are not giving any consideration to your willingness to handle this properly by tacking on ridiculous fees. I wouldn't pay them anything. Let the debt move out of that office to another collector who may shoot for just the original balance or maybe even less. If not, oh well.

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