Assurance America Complaint - Policy Cancelled BEFORE Receiving Notice

Review by Lala04 on 2010-02-12
I hadn't been with this Company long, but see why people have had so many negative things to say. I go through a broker, who found this Company for me, whos real name is "Links Insurance Service". I paid for a year policy and had made 3 mos of payments when all of a sudden I got 2 letters froms "Links", one stating they were missing my signed app and needed it faxed over, the very next lettter stated they cancelled my policy due to not faxing them the info. Funny thing is, both letters were signed AND dated for Feb 1,10, and the cancellation was effective Jan 2010.How can you cancel a policy before the customer even knows??? They sent a letter prior to needing registration info, I faxed it to them. Now how come when I was asked forthat info, I wasn't asked about the signed application as well??? Seems alittle funny to me. My broker faxed the info requested 3 or 4 times and yet, they somehow did not receive either of those faxes!! Sound alittle unorganized and sounds like they are ripping people off. Atleast thats how I felt. When I called this "so called insurance" company, I was told a letter for the "signed app" was sent to me as well, in Nov....DONT THINK SO. I explained what I had and the dates on the letters as well. The agent somehow had a letter dated for Nov, requesting the information for signed app, that somehow they never had. When I told him there was no such letter sent to me and they cancelled my ins without proper notification with TWO letters sent the same day (the req info and cancellation),as well as POST-DATED for a later date, he had nothing to say but they couldn't reinstate my policy. I explained the letters were dated for Feb 01,10 as well as signed, and sent out after Feb 01, but the policy was already cancelled??? How was that??? Again, no reply to the question. This may nt be a huge dealfor some people, but for me it is. I live alone and am out on disability because of my illness and can't afford to waste money like that. I'm young, but not stupid, this insurance agency is in the busuness of "ripping people off"!!! Period! Yeah, some folks have been with the company for yrs and yrs, but look what happened when they needed the company to "stand up and do the job they're supposed to do for the customer".They wouldn't pay and had nothing but excuses as to why. My issue was a lot less complicated as others, but I still got "NOTING BUT EXCUSES", AS WELL AS A BIG LIE!!!!! And in the end, I have no car insurance nor the money for another down payment. So, I just get screwed and this company just keeps moving forward, taking all the money they can.

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